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VIP level and non-cumulative gold, XP and Soul bonus %'s?

So I made a purchase which got me to VIP level 6 and one of the benefits is listed as +50% gold (which was a factor in my decision to make the purchase)
it turns out that what I got appears to be an increase from the VIP level 2 bonus +25% which makes the total VIP Gold bonus 50% - e.g. the VIP bonus is actually +25% (to a total of 50%)

Gold multiplier went from 2.25 (Death-Knight armour + VIP level 2) to 2.5
I was expecting it to get to 2.75 (Death-Knight armour + VIP level 2 (+25%) + VIP level 6 (+50%)

I was sad :slight_frown:

Part of the purchase today was that it would boost me to obtain a +50% to gold, but now I find out that what I actually got was +25% (hopefully this is not how it is intended and I will soon be happy :smile: )

Is this how it is intended (and is this the same for XP and soul bonuses)?

If so, I am still sad :frowning:

I believe this intended, and also applies to XP and Souls.

It could probably use with some clearer wording as if you look at the Glory Gem entries they specifically say 1 More Glory Key per day. While it would be nice to have this on the XP/Gold/Souls ones, I’m not sure there is space. Maybe a note in the “VIP Benefits” line saying “All bonuses are inclusive of all previous VIP bonuses” or something.