Math math math - Soul/XP/Gem bonues

I am so tired of trying to figure the math out especially when I buy from the store, my VIP bonus, armor bonuses and any guild bonuses if applicable. It never seems to become what I expect it to become.

For example before I bought the gems today I was a VIP 5 and my Gold bonus was 3.0

After I bought my gems I am at 3.25

When I take off the armor (100% bonuses) my base is 2.25 (I know probably pathetic) That number starts me suspecting what gives here in how the bonuses are applied and tallied

First question is VIP Level 2 bonus (25%) removed when I get today’s VIP 6 bonus (50%) they added together?

Second question - when you put on your armor is the 100% bonus on the base without VIPS or with?

Because something doesn’t add up with my current number with or without armor on

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You only get the highest VIP reward.
VIP 1 you get +5% gems
VIP 2 you get +10% gems — you do not get +15% gems

Bonuses are additive not multiplicative.
Base 100%
Warlord I +50% souls
Celestial Armor +100% souls
L50 Purple Guardian +25% souls
Total 275% or x2.75

VIP 4 (+25% souls) would take that to 300% or x3.0
VIP 7 (+50% souls) would take that to 325% or x3.25