I need help constructing a VIP Rewards guide

Looking for info and/or images regarding the VIP rewards system.

(Complete) First, I have level 2, and I am looking for the points requirements for every other level as shown on the progress bar.

  • Level 1 - Any Purchase (Thanks, @Zelfore)
  • Level 2 - 50
  • Level 3 - 100
  • Level 4 - 200 (Thanks, @Venan)
  • Level 5 - 300 (Thanks, @Shimrra)
  • Level 6 - 400
  • Level 7 - 500
  • Level 8 - 600
  • Level 9 - 800
  • Level 10 - 1000

Second, since I don’t have level 5, I can’t comment on the VIP chests. Would anyone like to write a section on it, and take a few screenshots?

Lastly, here is an album I made for the guide. If you have already started a guide, feel free to use any of the images. Just let me know you are doing one, so we don’t make two different guides.


Level 4 - 200

I don’t have a screen shot, but

Level 9:

1 extra glory key (for a total of 4)
100% soul bonus from battles, arena fights and quests
+45% gems from the shop (excluding bargains, special offers and daily gems

VIP 4 to VIP 5 is 300 points. Screenshot below. We’re going to need dev input on what the numbers are, since people aren’t interested in testing the waters with real money on this.

No pay player coming right up!

Sorry; I meant what does the progress bar say for each level.

So close to level 5… Are you planning on getting the daily gems so you can unlock VIP chests? Not trying to influence you; mostly curious as to what others think of the daily gems. :wink:

Nah, I’m going to wait until they sort out the previous VIP points. That ought to tip the scales for me. Although I do conceptually like the 15x15 thing, its very cost-effective.

Did they not say 1$ = 5 VIP points or something like that in the vid?

Not those numbers. The amount of points to advance for each VIP level. AKA how much is VIP Lvl10.

they did put it in the video


I have only put in $10 to date. So at the must it is 50 to go from 1->2…you know unless it doesn’t work that was like the first level

It really is! Buy 7 packs of 15 gems per 15 days ($35) and you’ll make more than if you bought the $100 pack (1500 Gems). It’s 1575 gems in 105 days, sure, but way more worth while.

Note, missing a day WILL lose you those 15 gems (if I’m not mistaken), but even if you forgot to redeem it for 5 days per pack it’s still a better deal. (10 packs ($50) with 5 days missed in each one equals the same amount as spending on the $100 pack.)



The question is, would they stack …

If they do, it’ll probably only be in days available rather than redeemable per day.

Getting from level 6 to 7: 500 points. So from 5 to 6 must be 400 if @utfanx2 table is correct so far.

I’m seeing a pattern here…

So 1 and 2 are like freebies. (I believe someone mentioned $10 got them Rank 2, so about 50 points.)
Then every consecutive one costs 100. Unless 9 and 10 shoot up to 200 each, equaling 1000 points in all.

So somewhere between $160-$200 is the cost for rank 10? Maybe? Not as bad as I expected.

I might be wrong, but the total costs are probably 3650 points:
So closer to $700 I think.

I need a tumbleweed gif.

No, once you buy it, it won’t let you buy it again until the 15 days is up.

If there is a little we might more variations of it in the future.