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Understanding Reward Multipliers

Hi folks,

I’m trying to understand the way that reward (gold, soul, xp) multipliers work in this game. I wonder if anyone can lend me a hand.

I’ve got Spider Armour on, so I get +50% gold. From somewhere (?) I appear to be getting an extra 25%, because the numbers under my portrait on the main map say 175% gold, if the last fight I had was on Normal difficulty. Going up to Hard says Bonus Gold +10%, and popping back out to the map changes my multiplier to 185%, so the percentages from difficulty add to the others instead of multiplying. Going up another difficulty step follows the same pattern. All good and understandable (apart from where the extra 25% comes from. Guild somehow? None of the statues seem to do it…)

But then the numbers don’t seem to match up. I collect 99 gold in a match, my multiplier is 175%, I get 193 gold at the end. 193 / 99 =~ 195%. I collect 98 gold in a match, my multiplier is 185%, I get 203 gold at the end. 203 / 98 =~ 207%. I collect 100 gold in a match, my multiplier is 200%, I get 220 gold at the end. Seems like I’m getting an extra 20% at every level?

Not complaining; just trying to understand how it all works. Anyone know?

Are you a VIP?

Of some sort? But low-level I think. Not really sure how to tell.

There should be a Green Shield next to your Hero’s XP bar on the world map that looks like this:

VIP Location

The number inside it is your VIP level.

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I guess I’m level 2 then. Does that impart a bonus of some sort? Can I tell what that is somehow?

Bottom right of map screen: "Shop"
Bottom right of shop screen: “VIP”

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I believe you get a base amount of 10 gold for a victory in addition to the gold you collect in the match. This works with your numbers.

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Thanks guys. So for posterity’s sake: the extra 25% on my reported gold multiplier appears to come from my VIP level of 2. If there is also a base invisible reward of 10 gold, before or after the multiplier… that still doesn’t quite add up right. I grabbed another random example: 100 gold with a multiplier of 225% nets me 232 gold. 232 / 100 = 232%, 222 / 100 = 222%, and 232 / 110 = 211%

Interestingly, I don’t get the same difference for souls. I collected 60 souls from a match with a 225% soul multiplier listed, and got back exactly what you’d expect: 153 souls.

are you in a guild? Purple statue gives a multiplier as well

Places that add multipliers - Armor, Guild, VIP, Troop

I am in a guild, but our purple statue says it’s giving me a souls multiplier, not gold. None of the other statues mention a gold multiplier either.