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XP in PvP not making sense

I seriously don’t get. My guild mate and I are the same level, but he gets 54 xp per battle and I get anything from 39 to 51. We both play only 3-trophy battles. Can someone explain this to me?

Hi there,

Maybe your guildmate is using an armor that boost XP, did you check that?

I think I was absentminded when I posted this :roll_eyes: I mean PvP points and not Xp. Doh :woman_facepalming:

This is a bit tricky to answer. Rule of thumb is, the higher the Power Rating of the team you are fighting, the more PvP points you will get. Your choice of opponents depends on the Power Rating of your defense team, setting a higher rated defense will match you against higher rated targets. Your overall power level also plays into this, as you grow more powerful (e.g. by gaining extra stat bonuses), the amount of PvP points you receive reduces somewhat.