Less gold awarded for pvp

Okay so myself and hubby are confused… we are fighting the same scored teams in ranked pvp. He is from the 10th ranked guild (intrim 2) im from the 397th ranked guild (concealed supremacy) so his guild statues are way higher than ours he is vip lvl 5 so am i… he is lvl 500 and im lvl 120 yet he is getting half the gold i get if not less. Is this as it should be?? Just want to know if its happening to others here aswell :slight_smile:

The higher your possible team score, the less gold you get for the same battle. So maxed out players get a lot less for the same fight than do players with lower stats. Helps to level the playing field, I guess…?

yep it seems intended, his minimum gold offered is higher then yours but if you both fight the hardest opponent and so deal with the maximum gold offered when close to reaching the “maximum of potential team power” or whatever you call it - the maximum gold offered shrinks closer and closer to the minimum…

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Yep - ive gone from being in a top ten guild to a newly formed one and now I get almost 5k gold from the three trophy battles that offer max gold. The span of gold offered now I see is from approx 900 to 2,100.

Where as previously I think it was about 780 to 1,100.

My team score went from 9,5xx to 8,2xx for four (4) full traited and mythic’d troops.

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Hmm my hubby and i are confused as to why tho… lol

coz if your team is weaker then the enemy (higher number difference in team score) you get more gold

thats the most simplified explanation of that mechanic

same strength team will loose that “bonus gold for being weaker”

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I think guild levels are somehow worked into team power score (partly because of guild stats bonus from task completion, partly because of other stuff).

How does it know what score the team your going to use is? It offers you gold before you pick your team.

According to dev, it is mainly based upon the average power score of the invading teams you have been using (for a number of fights).