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About XP and leveling

Since patch 2.0 we have a more quantified idea of how much XP you need to level up. But how much precisely? I get 90 XP for a regular battle (with the multiplier of 3.5 due to VIP-status and armour). And regular means when I defeat 4 troops and the enemy doesn’t spawn a new one. I need roughly ten battles to level up. So can we safely assume we need 900 XP per level?
On a side note: I feel as if it takes longer to level up than pre-2.0. Can anyone from the dev department confirm (or deny) this, @Sirrian, @Andrew, @Nimhain?

had not considered the maths, but interested in the answer. Good question.

Thnx for the bump.

…although it didn’t help a bit. :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought that the amount of XP needed rises level by level.

Do you think that it’s the same?

Did you find an answer?

It will be great to have a similar magic formula like the one for mana surge :slight_smile: .

I never received an answer, but I think the number of XP points required to level up is 750. A normal fight in PvP (including guild bonuses, armour bonuses etc) gives me 108 XP (for beating 4 enemies; when a troop is summoned it gives me 135, so every enemy troop is worth 27 XP in my case). After 7 games I always level up, and that gives me usually some XP into the next level as well.
When fighting in Explore on Warlord IV I get 144 XP per match and after little over 5 matches I level up.
So my conclusion is that one level is 750 XP, if it’s a round number,
This of course only applies to levels up to 1000. After that it’s harder to level. If this means more XP needed per level or that the number of XP per match goes down, I don’t know. Perhaps some level 1000 or over can comment on that.

Probably more XP needed as I haven’t noticed any decrease in gains. Or the difference starts later (I’m 1020 right now).

OK, so I paid some attention today. From most fights I get 72 Exp, more if there were summonings. I cashed Seals for 33 fights and only 1 level up and have a bit more exp towards next level than I had in the beginning. So my guess is 1 level is about 2k exp right now. Hope it helps or at least satisfies someone’s curiosity ;).