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PVP points scoring

What is the max possible score you can get from a pvp match? i assumed it was around 52, On the pvp leader board that seems to be about what people are getting 49-52 points per match. But i see someone has 63 per match? How can I get that many points?

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Lower your power rating. In practical terms, quitting your guild tends to improve points gained for each match a lot.

I checked on my other account, in a really low level guild, He appears to be getting 60 points per fight, I did not think it made THAT big of a difference. My other account is also only level 250ish, being over level 1000 would lower that would it not?

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apparently not, i see a guildless person averaging 64 points. So being in a low or no guild gets them a 30 percent bonus above what I get.


There’s really a lot that factors into this, among others hero level, bonus stats from kingdom level and power, guild statues, weekly guild task completion buffs. Most of those you can’t avoid/undo, quitting your guild is the most readily available option.

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POWER level, not player level.

Rating teams is complex so GoW opted for a naïve solution: you get points per rarity, trait, and the total stats of your team. PvP points are awarded by some function that includes the difference between your power rating and the opponent’s. If your team is rated lower, you get more points. If your team is rated higher, you get less points.

So once you build an endgame meta team a player in a high-end guild can easily be in the 10k range and thus equal to or slightly stronger than everything else in the field. That means lower overall rewards.

Someone mentioned leaving your guild can help: that’s because when you leave the guild you lose the stat bonuses from the guild, thus your team power goes down a little and you’re more likely to face a team “stronger” than yours.

I’m not saying player level has no impact on it, but players (especially new players) dramatically overestimate how important player level is to the game.

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When I was in a two man guild and around lvl 300 I could get 67 and I think even as much as 69 points a PVP match and not far off 6,000 gold if I beat a 1100+ player. The downside was I could never get one statue to full use without crippling me for weeks, so no stat bonuses, and I had way less stats so lost more battles.

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the team you use does not matter. You are close, but your power is based on overall traits/levels. Not just for the team. You can go in with a team of 1 troop and get the same points as a full team.

Actually that makes sense, otherwise the reward would change as you change your teams.

My guess is it’s a sliding average of your last 20 matches or so? It seems like it changes slowly if your team gets bigger. I’ve never tested if you can game it the other way.

seems to be true, not a good option, but the best way to raise your scoring :slight_smile: I like my guild, their guild leader is AMAZING :slight_smile:

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My guess is that it is based strictly on your inventory of troops. As you level and trait your troops, your hero power increases and your PVP results decrease. I’ve noticed with each new kingdom that comes out, my maximum PVP scores seem to decrease. If you’re interested in testing this, one possibility might be to disenchant all copies of all the common and rare troops that you don’t regularly use to reduce your inventory of available troops. This might decrease your hero power in a meaningful way but it might also do nothing since the game remembers the level and traits of any troops that you fully disenchant.

I personally tested the “move to a lower” guild strategy a little over a year ago and documented my results in a forum thread. That alone was surprsingly effective, raising my potential points from around 55 to 66 per battle (if I remember correctly). I’ll see if I can find those threads…

Edit: here is a link to the thread with some good discussion and data.

And here is a link to a discussion with even better data:

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I don’t agree with that but it’s hard as heck to test.

If it were true, then a newbie who gets a mythic but doesn’t put it on their team would be “stronger” than a newbie using the same team. That feels unfair to me.

But that said, in the past when I got new legendaries/mythics it usually resulted in me shifting my teams around, so I can’t tell. And now I have so many of them I don’t think getting 1 new one impacts my “power” by as much as it would’ve when I had fewer. So you could be right.

As of last version (seeming so this version also, since 10k+ score teams are still nonexistent), team score (and therefore also presumably global score bonus, the “score” you have without any troops on your team) for defense team was still based on the formula used back in Adobe Air. Posted somewhere, don’t have time to find it now, but the Adobe version considered Guild Tasks completed for score and Unity does not, while Unity considered 5 star kingdoms for score but Adobe does not. What this means in simple terms is that every kingdom released will raise an endgame players global score bonus by 80, and the average endgame defense team score by 40. However, I’m still not sure if the “true” (Unity) score of the defense team is considered when being plugged in the formula for things like gold and PvP points.

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That feels less unfair to me than someone benefiting by deliberately shooting themselves in the foot by not using their best troops, but this is all speculation. Progression in this game is measured by many things that mostly go hand-in-hand and are impossible to undo once done (such as gaining troops, levelling troops, traiting troops, levelling kingdoms, etc.). Some combination of these things goes into that formula to attempt to balance the scores where players of unequal power compete. The one thing we’ve been able to definitively isolate that impacts PVP points is guild bonuses.

Personally, I can’t imagine them bothering with some kind of rolling average calculation based on the team score of your last x invades, when a static score would work. Not only is it easier to code; it is harder to manipulate.

To be clear, outside of the guild thing which I personally did before-and-after testing on, I only have my general impressions to go on. I don’t have strongly held opinions about any of this.

Edit to add: a long time ago, someone posted a screenshot of a player profile that showed that they were around level 1000 with only 4 unique troops. I wondered whether they had tried the disenchant all troops strategy that I mentioned above in the most extreme form (every troop but their one PVP team). I don’t remember if my speculation was private or public, but I still think of them whenever this discussion comes up.

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