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Loving the new music and tasks! It’s also easier now to level up ultra rare characters, the developers of this game have really stepped up their work. Now, y’all next major step is to finally release real online Pvs.P and this game will be very solid!


How is it easier to level up Ultra-Rare troops now compared to others?

If your whole guild is onboard with completing all the tasks each week, you will gain more resources such as Gems for UR’s and Epics and, especially, huge numbers of keys for Common troops. Many Common troops become a force to be reckoned with when ascended to Mythic levels.

But yes, an update like this is good! :slight_smile:

Seals. They help out a lot.

You know, now that I think about it, why were the new tokens for Guild Keys called “SEALS” in the first place, and not simply “guild tokens” or indeed “keys”?

I mean, sealing is what you do when you secure a lock, not when you open and unlock it!


Seal of approval maybe? It’s a guild’s seal/mark proving that you’ve done the task?

One meaning of the word “seal” is essentially a currency. A “seal of approval” is a guarantee of approval, much like a $20 bill is a guarantee of payment. Both are basically “promissory notes”.

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