Guild keys rewards

I seem to remember that 2 months ago when using level 4 guild keys (10000 seals), one did not get common troops if all guardians were ascended to mythic. Why has this changed? The game is not yet biased enough in favour of the bigger guilds?

You need all guild guardian troops ascended to mythic and you need at least 4 copies of each to stop them from dropping. If you have all of them ascended with 4+ copies of each, file a bug report.

It’s not related to guardians. As much as I remember, level 4 (10k seals) adds mythic troops to the pool, level 5 (20k seals) removes common troops other than guardians from the pool, level 6 (40k seals) removes rare troops from the pool.


Level 5 removes commons it’s been that way since the beginning

I miss how good the game used to look.


I must have been very lucky then (for once) to only get rare or better troops that time.

There was a short time where chest level numbering was incorrect, levels went from 0 to 5 instead of 1 to 6. It sounds like the level 4 chest you opened might actually have been what is currently known as level 5 chest.