Are Seals Your's or Your Guilds?

If you change guild do your seals stay with the old guild? Do you keep them? Do they move from your old guild to your new one? If you keep them can you get 1500 more to fill your new guild?

I tried to see if this was already address but I didn’t find anything.


Good question. Until clarified by devs, I would assume that seals are attributed to whichever guild you are in when you claim them. Regardless, they’re your seals (claimed and unclaimed).

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The seals that apply to the guild total stay where you earned them.

The seals you can cash in come with you.

If you were under the 1500 cap, you can still earn seals up to the cap for the new guild, I believe. Our recruit had been seal capped on recruitment.


Based on everything I have read, seals are yours and go with you when you switch guilds. You are limited to 1500 seals a week unless you buy more. Any seals earned in one guild would not help the next guild. This means that if you switch guilds mid week after earning some seals you will not be able to contribute full amount to the new guild.

The devs were very focused on making sure switching guild could not be used as a loophole to allow an individual to get more resources.

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Makes sense.


You also can’t hop guilds to get the cheap lv 1 guild tasks. You’ll get a message saying you already received that award from another guild.