Guild Seals... adjustment?

So, I got to thinking about this and it seems to me that more and more the ONLY way that I am devoting time to get my seals is PVP. Not because I prefer that game mode, I don’t, but because it is simply the most efficient method by which to acquire them. I can earn 9 seals for a 3 turn Bombot battle against my EASY (1 trophy) Opponent. 3 of those, shoot even 4 of those are done in a quarter of the time required to say make 60 turns in a TH.

I was just curious what other people were doing to earn their 1500 seals?

And if everybody is just spamming PVP for seals, doesn’t that indicate that the other modes need a BUFF to their seal amounts to better match the ROI provided by PVP?

Let me know what you think.

Thanks! :wink:

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My seals are mostly acquired via PVP. This is primarily because of my guild requirement for trophies – by the time I get my 300 trophies, my seals are just about finished. There are some weeks in which I will do a few max difficulty explores, or even an arena run, but yeah, seals primarily come from PVP-ing.


Right, with 300 trophy requirement I get that most people are going to already have most of the seals. I suppose I am posing this question to people who don’t have that high a req…

I don’t think this is a high priority issue, but I just think its worth asking the question, if people that can choose other methods DONT then those other modes need a buff. Right? :thinking:

I’ve got a 150 trophy requirement and I mostly get my seals through PVP. I think I’m probably in the 800-1000 range once I’ve done my minimum trophies. Beyond that, I just play how I’m going to play. I’m on console, and I let my daily play be influenced by my daily tasks. I do a fair bit of PVP for gold and fun but some weeks I’ll do some explore sessions where I will just burn through as many as I can to pick up Arcanes. In those cases, I’m going for speed and am not thinking about the bonus seals from doing W4 explores. My wife, on the other hand, wants to maximize her seals per battle, so she’ll do W4 explores if she’s going to explore (and still needs seals), or PVP. We never touch Arena and don’t think about treasure hunt for seals (but if I happen to get a daily task of “do 5 treasure maps”, I might try a little harder than normal to hit 60 moves if I still need seals at that point in the week.)

I was going through exploring on Warlord 4 then changed to the bombot mechanist class I use and did probably 3 explores on normal in the time to do one on W4. So it’s probably more efficient doing that once you’ve got your 1900 pvp points.


Yes, after my 1900 PvP points, my main two options are:

  1. More PvP

  2. Explore on Normal with Bombot

What I realize is that I more frequently sticking with PvP because I am getting easy PVP opponents that I can take down as easily as an Explore with my Bombot Team. I am doing this because 9 seals is better than 5 despite the stone farming, I still need to do.

Just curious if anybody else has found themselves neglecting farming for PvP…

I’m on console and every team you face seems to have bone dragons and spirit foxes, a right bast nuisance. Yes I can choose teams to beat them but the variety of opponents is lacking and I end up exploring instead.

I’m neglecting farming so that I can do more PVP. But, it has nothing to do with seals. I need to pump out those trophies.


Yes I get almost all my seals from PvP though if I’ve had a slow week and need to crunch them out even quicker, I’ll do Explore with my Princess/Bombot team to crank them out super quick.

In general though I’m not very happy with how seals are implemented but that’s more due to my Guild Leader duties than as an individual player earning my own.

My OCD won’t let me sit on Treasure Maps. We get 9 per week from Guild Tasks and each run of 60 turns gives 20 seals. So I usually have 100-120 seals right off the bat on Monday before I ever start PVP.

Explore because I always need traitstones, challenges I’ve already beat, and Treasure Hunt because I enjoy it, and I am good at it. I only play GoW when I have the time, and since I am in a casual guild, I am not in any great rush to churn seals out on Monday morning. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This relaxed, happy-go-lucky attitude is subject to change due to possible Guild Wars exigencies, though. :thinking:

I get mine from pvp. Usually all 1500 but sometimes if I’m close and bored of fighting the same people over and over I’ll fire off some Explores on the max difficulty. I’m doing pvp for gold primarily for my guild so the seals are a side benefit of doing so much pvp. Never enjoyed arena and TH takes too much time in comparison to pvp (over 2k maps unused).

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I finish my PVP and then i move towards the traitstones i need. I’m usually checking what’s coming next on the following four or six weeks to see what i can’t get with glory, then i set a dedicated number of battles each day to collect at least five Arcanes of the selected colors.

Just had a great streak of luck and got 5 Arcane Swamp in 30 battles, time for some for Arcane Lava.

Aren’t swamps coming like next week?

Sorry, you are right, i just “jumped” a week by mistake… Well, at least i didn’t wasted a lot of time.

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:smiley: You’re welcome.

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I used to farm GSeals in Explore on Warlord 4 because I wanted to farm some traitstones.
I gave up as I wasn’t getting the traitstones I wanted and PvP brings so much more gold, not to mention trophies wich my guild needs.
Anyway, Warlord 4 doesn’t bring more traitstones to the table than normal difficulty anymore, wich is a shame…

I haven’t played treasure hunt or arena in what feels like a year, but that’s normal, these are designed for beginners.

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I’m usually about 2/3rds of the way through by the time I hit rank 1 in PvP then noodle around with random things the rest of the week based on events and farming needs. It is often PvP just for the gold, but explore for souls/stones happens too. I haven’t played Arena in… well ever actually, not my style. I tend to only do Treasure Hunt for weekly events now and can get a 60 turn out of them fairly consistently when I do.

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