Xbox One PvP Teams


I hit level 100 two days ago and have started grinding PvP. I’ve been using 1 team only and I’ve been plowing through all the best teams. Every now and then I rage quit from AI getting 5-10 4 pairs on the first turn, but other than that even the 4 legendary with level 10 kingdom teams haven’t even been a problem.

My current setup is:
Shadow Dragon
Level 7 Karakoth flag

I really want to get my hands on a Crimson Bat or Sheggra. Then I’d really never lose. Only problems my current setup gives me is when the chain reaction screws me and gives AI enough 4 and 5 pairs the following turn to fill every troops mana. Although I don’t have that problem as much as I probably should.

For a few hours I tried replacing Shadow Dragon with Luther but my playstyle focuses mainly on ability spam so the extra attack hindered me more than it helped.

The game has been getting pretty boring at this point though. I’ve finished all kingdom quests so PvP is only option. No way I’m going to grind through like 700 challenge fights. I joined a new guild and two people are close to level 200. Have ran into a few similar level people in PvP. I can’t imagine grinding much. Those people must have way too much free time.

I want to know other Xbox One players PvP teams. I guess PS4 would be equivalent, just not PC.

Also, does anyone know what all the troops are for Karakoth? I’ve opened what must be close to 100-150 iron keys and around 30 magic keys and still only have 5 troops for it. I don’t use any other setup so having that kingdom at level 7 is passively frustrating.