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Mythic Defense Level 1

Just ran an interesting Defense team. ALL troops level 1. I think player was over 100…


Keepin’ it real :sunglasses:

just say thanks and hope to see you again!

I know… the stat numbers were so low compared to what I’m used to, I though at first it was a bug. Nope just some player that doesn’t like to use a single Traitstone or a single Soul. Guess they like to Accennd though.

Bone dragon had a refund a few weeks back. That’s probably why.

Seems very unlikely.

Unless in addition to Bone Dragon, and Carnex, and Celestasia, and Gar’Noc, ALL had a refund a few weeks back as well. Celestasia did at one point, but I suspect this players has an inordinate number of Level 1 soulless, traitless troops… for reasons known only to them😀

On XB1, over the last 2 weeks I have run into a couple Defense teams with 4 level 1 troops. I had never seen a PvP team like that either.

One time it was Level 1 legendaries, and once it was an ascended rare & ultra-rare team. I think one of the players was Level 470.

I’m not sure whether it’s an issue, perhaps, with players getting orphaned/ desync’ed from their online data following the August 5th Xbox One update, which was a substantial overhaul of the Windows 10 interface on XB1.

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Some people put up a weak defense team to win revenges. Though how my one fortress gate actually won once is a mystery. Even though it’s level 20 and fully traited, but still…

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I had a level 4 player beat my (deliberately bad) defence team this week. At level 4, it would have taken some stones to even scout a level 330 player in PVP. He probably felt pretty pumped when he won.

My revenge battle against him was mind-boggling.

My team was Peasant, Sparkgrinder, Aziris and Dwarven Miner, BTW (all level 5, I think). That team has never won - I’m pleasantly surprised if it manages to take a soul!

At level 4, he probably didn’t even know how lucky he was lol

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I know! I didn’t even venture into PvP until I was at least level 100. I have no idea what kind of match-ups they get offered at such a low level. The whole thing was so funny to me that I took some screenshots - its just such a pain to transfer from my PS4 that I never shared any of them.

Single Fortress Gate:
Network problems or disconnect will give you the win.

Purposeful Weak defense:
Based on his level and ALL the troops involved, I’m going to give it thumbs down vote.

However, Two thumbs up for @Theicla theory of some data issues on the backend.

I know when Impervious was first buffed I wasn’t paying attention and took my Mab team into a fight with Fortress Gates. After about 5 minutes and no gates down, I quit.

I agree that it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for someone who cares about kingdom power levels to have these troops at level 1, but you should never underestimate the human capacity for irrational thinking. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that someone just thinks it is funny to put ascended legendaries in their defence team at level 1.

I’d wager the person’s console crashed so you got the win!

Otherwise, yeah, hard to imagine.