Level One PVP is a LIE!

If you get a xXRizinFreekz420XxLol player in slot one - don’t do it!

Its a lie.

They’re still putting up 5000ish points - fully traited, fully mythic teams, slot-one pvp teams.

*But they’re obviously not cheating… Its all fine… Nothing to see there…top ranked on skill etc… ad goddam nauseam


No that would have been a single troop team that got replaced. But then again, yesterday single troop defenses showed up and down my battles so who knows what’s going on.

That said, if you see someone with a high level and a low score, it would be a safe assumption the game switched things.

Sure, but in this instance, I will safely assume that they have purposefully chosen to abuse that particular mechanic.


I had noticed an unusual number of players from that guild doing the same. They’re good enough that they shouldn’t need to resort to that kind of thing, if that’s what they’re doing.

Yes, their 1TD is being replaced by a random other team from their lineup, but they always seem to be pretty nasty teams.

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They’re teams they’d use in Guild Wars. That would be the biggest reason they look nasty.

The ones I saw, and it was only a few, are what I’d expect to see as their defence teams in PVP or GW. Given the small number, that’s entirely plausible. It is also entirely plausible that they know exactly what they are doing.

In their PS4 public community they brag about it as we call them out, they know what they are doing. Phreekz answer is " tell devs, they don’t care, lol."
Such a shame.
In guild wars they all had mab bs set.


I meant those are the teams they’d use on offense for guild wars.

Capture _2017-07-29-16-23-56
This what you are talkin bout?


Yeah scroll down through there, I blasted them too

The “phreeks” are a bunch of classless asshats. Our guild, and a few others, have picked up a few of their players who were sick of them. Their leader is a scumbag and their guild name was obviously thought up by a three year old.

The way I deal with them is I purposely ignore them. I used to kill them but I realized it still gave them rewards and a revenge matchwith even more rewards. The best thing to do is never fight them.

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So this week I haven’t played as much and I noticed my defense fights go down, so then when I do play I get the same ppl over and over again, I try to do the 2 trophy to switch it up but I need 3 to catch up.
Can we get a more diverse pvp pool?

This is something best brought to either my attention or reported to support. This is toeing the line of calling out players and/or guilds


@Saltypatra It has been reported numerous times by members of Nemesis. I am sure that other guild did report it too. Why do you think PHREEKZ’ members are saying that devs don’t care? Oh wait, because the reports changed nothing. So people stop reporting because it useless and the annoyance grows.

Apologies, will be a bit more careful in the future.