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Endgame PvP people... please use variety!

A lot of people are of the opinion bone dragon should be nerfed, I couldn’t disagree more… I personally have no problem beating bone dragon variants and the other most prominent team the freeze team… however I think we can all agree that 7 out of 10 PvP invades (being generous with that ratio) having the same few troops gets old and I’m assuming if I have no troubles defeating these teams most other people endgame don’t as well… so I guess where I’m trying to go with this is to say that cool if that’s the team you like to use to win but please change up the defense to keep the game fun for people that don’t like fighting the same battle over and over… put a little thought into it play around with new combinations of troops, maybe you will discover something else the AI can play well in the process and keep the game fresh for the rest of us. Thanks in advance!


I agree with everything you said and would like to add one thing: this problem will most likely disappear when people finally realize that defense wins simply don’t matter. The rewards for revenges are much greater than those for defense sins and probably always will be.


Even tho’ I’m on the PS4, I just wanted to reply and say, why would anyone listen to you, and why should they? I agree with what you’re saying but honestly that’s not how most things work. People like using what works for them. I see so many Guardians, Dragon Souls, Bone Dragons, The “Emperor” and so forth, it’s like why should they change? Oh yea, Jarl Firefanny too, Keberos and the rest of the cheesesters, why should they change because you ask kindly?

I find PvP falling into the same thing on my console version, I understand where ya coming from but, I just deal with it move on or just do something else. So I ask you, if it ain’t gonna change what will you do and how would you deal with it?

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This is true that the rewards for revenge wins are much greater than defense wins. I don’t know how it is on PC but on my platform the glory points add up for defense wins too.

Good post OP, but 95% of the players won’t see it, and if they did, well…


I change mine at least once a week. Using Infernal King, Giant Spider, Alchemist, Incubus currently.


I try and use the snot troops.


I currently try not to get bored of playing against the same teams…oh wait…


Something I figured out the other day is that you can even playtest your defense team. If you type something in chat and then click on your own name you can fight yourself and see how the AI plays the team on defense. Honestly I don’t care if people spam the same two teams, I like competing in the PvP regardless and always aim to finish in the top 100 at least. I’m just using this platform to try and encourage a more enjoyable experience overall.

Or just click your profile pic on the main screen :wink:


Once again you start the conversation with “don’t nerf him, he’s easy to beat”. That’s completely irrelevant. EVERY troop in this game is easy to beat because the game is Candy Crush simple. It’s not about difficulty, it’s about repetition.

Which leads me to this appeal that people just change - it’s not going to happen. The only way to reduce Bone Dragon usage is to nerf him.

First, begging this message board to change is like preaching to the choir. Most of us have already tried.

Second, people have known defense wins are wotrthless since, well…defense wins were worthless. Some people just have to be as competitive as possible and still others just want to be as annoying as they possibly can. A lot of idiots find griefing fun.

The bottom line is that you’re asking to change human nature. Thousands of years of history should tell you how likely that is.

The only remaining option is to nerf Bone Dragon and the Devs have already said he’s getting changed in 3.0.

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If they haven’t realized it by now they either

  1. Never will or

  2. Just plain don’t care.

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This is why I specifically said it would be a good idea to have a DEFENCE oriented event every single week where we get REWARDED for changing our defence so more people would do it.

A weekly changing meta would be the BEST thing ever for this game. And the absolutely ENFURIATING thing about it is that the devs have amazing groundwork for it via the event system and could do this with relative ease and make our end game problem a heck of a lot better.

Obviously there will still be those troops end game because not everyone will care about the events. But if it’s widely known that the defense event is rewarding enough, I bet a large fraction of people would do it.

It’s at least worth a shot.


Yep. The only way to change behavior is to incentivize it. People aren’t going to do a damn thin out of the goodness of their heart.


Change defense team is not the solution since we always fight the same 10-15 person if they change their team you still going to fight the same team over and over


If you want to be a generous pvp target, go with 4x fully traited Elspeth. Gives a good bit of extra xp from blowing up their own troops.

If we are both near the top of the rankings and my annoying defense makes your matches take an extra 30 seconds, that benefits me. I get further ahead by completing more matches faster. (I use a one troop defense myself!)

What the hell kind of communist, mamby-pamby thread is this? You expect me to make your game easier? To give up a small handful of imaginary gold for the good of the community? What’s next? Asking me to pay $8 more per year on my property tax so that all kids can get a better education? Or to pay for potholes in roads? My road has no potholes! They were filled last week! I suppose you think I should accept people of a different skin color too? Treat the opposite sex as less than eye candy? Respect other people’s opinions on religion? Or maybe you go so far as to think it’s not okay for me to want to bomb the hell out of entire countries so I can save a penny per gallon on my gasoline? You’re trying to take away MY freedom!

Whatever. It’s all about ME. This is MY world. Be glad I let you be a part of it. I’m never running anything other than whatever meta I’m told is super popular by whoever is super popular at the time…and I’m never moving out of Whitehelm either. Deal with it.

P.S. If you read this far and your sarcasm detector didn’t explode, go play with the trains alongside Dr. Cooper.


Don’t matter hahahah lol laffin my azz off. There are rewards for winning defenses and that includes keys and glory and gems. I’ll take a defense win any day and not have to work for it. Plus, there’s prestige in a higher win than loss rate. Those that can’t win defenses are the ones who say they are insignificant or irrelevant. lol loser

They need to scrap that annoying PvP reward screen that pops up every few minutes to tell you you’ve lost again. There are only so many times you can see “Victories: 0, Defeats 1” before you give in and play a Bone Dragon team like everybody else.