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Problems with PvP on ps4

hi just wanted to know if anyone else is getting hammered in this by lower leveled players since the update came into effect. I’m level 60 and in one battle I went up against a level 41 (19 levels lower I should of had the advantage as I did before the update) an easy win I thought, I looked at the cards they played no better than mine but when the game started their cards were tanked. I thought I missed something but I’m getting this every fight any help appreciated. PS I know about the difficultly setting before the fight they were set to normal.

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I experience the same thing on XBOX. When scouting, it appears that the stats revealed are just the base stats for the troops - and not the actual numbers of the team/troops you are about to face-off against. Even the level of the troop (as exposed in the star in the lower left corner) is empty/blank. Unfortunately, it is then very misleading and rather surprising when you select that battle and are about to get hammered. :fearful:

What difficulty setting are you guys using?

Regardless of my difficulty I have this issue. I have had normal/hard/warlord I; and I still see this bug.

My advice is to level your Troops to match the buffed up enemies. As time goes on the enemy Teams will be buffed more and more often (as with yours…) and you need to play catch up.

I know you aren’t a high level yet @meladdi, and Souls aren’t plentiful, but these are the struggles of being a new(er) player.

Just keep on grindin’!

It is not due to the level experience of my hero. I play on the PC version also - at a lower level. And I have always been able to preview the life/attack/armor/magic of my enemy when scouting.

note: I just scouted my enemy in PVP, and I can now see the stats.

Well that’s good you can see the stats now @Dibbs

Still having same problems and i boosted my team all lvl 15 with traits also im getting matched up now with mostly lvl 100+ thats 40 lvls average more than me .If i cant win matched against lower lvls how do i win against them. The game is messed up , bad developing .

Yeah I’m finding PvP currently on the PS4 for me is a no go post patch. Pre Patch I could fairly regularly get to Rank 1 PvP without too much trouble. Now post patch I’m level 102 and get matched almost every time with players with 3-4 Legendary cards maxed out level wise and 1-2 traits on average on them. Going up against my bad luck in getting good cards I’m stuck with one legendary dragon that only adds 5 health and gives gems of the same color as the troop I heal. I just found out how to farm stones for traits so I can focus on that, but after probably 300-400 chests being opened I’m still stuck with sorely outmatched cards against almost every PvP match I do.