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Why am I only able to face level 100+ players?

I’ve been playing for about a week with no problem, until last night. Before, I was able to PvP against those of a similar level as myself.

Since last night though, it’s extremely hard to find a game against someone I’m evenly matched with. I like the game a lot, but this is becoming a real drag.

Any suggestions would be appreciated…

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Can you provide some more details? For example, what level are you and how far have you progressed in the PVP event? Also, what system do you play on?

I’m playing on the One. I’m at rank 54, and fluctuating between ranks 1-4 in the PvP. But that was from playing people at, or a few levels above me.

I don’t mind going against higher levels (60, 70) otherwise it would get boring. But the level 100’s are too much at this time.

I assume you mean ‘level’ 54, in which case it seems odd that you would only be getting level 100+. The matchmaking system is a bit of a mystery, but at level 250, I get matches from as low as 125 or so up to level 1000. One thing to be aware of is that as you move up the PVP ranks, you will face increasingly difficult opposition. At ranks 15 to 10, it is usually pretty easy. At ranks 5 to 1, it is usually pretty tough. No matter what, there is a lot of random variation.

I always scout to see which troops I am facing, how many traits they have and what level they are. If something looks like it is going to be too much, I pay the 10 gold and try a different match. Better to spend 60 gold to scout and re-roll than enter a fight I don’t have a good chance of winning.

Hopefully, it will even-out then as more lower level people get closer to 1. Thank you for the advice, sir.

This was my experience on X1 too while at a low level. My theory was just that those who tend to get higher in the weekly pvp ranks are a higher level on average, and are more likely to be matched with you, but I’m not positive.

That’s a really good point. It is mostly pretty serious players that power through to rank 1 in the first couple days.

One other good reason to scout is that sometimes a higher level player will have a really easy to kill defence team. I do this in order to generate more revenge battles. My team is peasant, orc, sparkgrinder and dwarven miner. No one is higher than level 5 and I don’t think they have any traits. I do that so that I lose 100% of the time, but the other player still gets at least 4 souls and has the pleasure of killing Sparkgrinder.

I usually dislike suggesting players change their team. But you should be able to take on higher level players with Control teams or Goblin teams. These two type of teams prevent computer from taking turns, and dramatically increase your odds.

1 example of Control:
Treant, Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee
(This is a slow team but reliable)