Question about Matchmaking


I can’t remember if it’s been mentioned, but is there some method to the matchmaking while Invading or is it just once you Invade, you’re considered “active” and eligible to be attacked? A player on the Steam discussion group said he’s level 24 and got matched against a level 1000 player…


When the PVP ranks are reset on monday you can be opposed to players whose level is a lot below yours. Once you have reached rank 1 it doesn’t happen anymore.


So are you saying once you’re PvP 1, you can be matched up against any level player higher than you? But it can also happen on the way to PvP 1?


I am saying that normally if you are lvl 200+ you are only matched against players who are lvl 200+. And… I don’t remember very well how it is before reaching lvl 200. I think you can only be opposed to players lvl 100-150 (or 200?) if you are lvl 100-150 (or 200?). And there must be several similar steps I forget.

Except when the PVP ranks are reset. You can be opposed to anyone on your way to PVP 1. I suppose the AI takes it that if you are not PVP 1 you are a bad fighter and need easy matches…

Sorry about my English if my explanations are not very clear.


I know from experience that on the way to PvP 1, you are definitely NOT getting easy matches…

But this player is saying he got matched up against a defending level 1000 player. Seems a bit whack to me but without knowing/understanding how matchmatching works, it could be possible. But if it is, then it’s definitely discouraging to said player.


It dépends. I have 2 accounts. The lvl 550 one gets easy matches, including against lvl 80-90 opponents. The lvl 250 often gets tough matches, including against lvl 1000 opponents.


I’m level 160 and I got a match with someone over 700 today (and won, mind you). But that is not usually the case, usually I get people closer to my level (say 70-250). My guess is you get matched up against someone in the pool that is close to your level, except sometimes there just isn’t anyone like that available.

I also don’t believe it has anything to do with your PVP level, only the fact that right after reset all the low levels are playing and the pool is full of them. If you hold off PVP matches till the next day, you’ll see the usual higher level players.

And I don’t see any problem with getting a tough match once in a while. Worst case, you can just skip it for 10 gold, which isn’t that much even for a low level player.


I’m like you, yonizaf; 157 and got matched against a 500. Usually range has been 100-380 this last run. And I don’t mind.

But for a 24 to get matched against a 1000, that’s seems crazy. Yes, they could pay the 10 to get another, but the mere fact that is happens at all is disheartening to such a player and is giving a “wrong/bad impression” of the game. It might be better to just give a message that no players are available to Invade and try again later.


I would agree if this was a common occurrence, but it is not. I never got matched with a level 1000 on invade (only once on revenge), and I don’t think many other lower level players did. The case you’re referring to seems like something that happened a single time to a single user, not something anyone should be worried about.


Well, a user who “cared enough” to post about it. Don’t know how “common” it is though.

Just seems like an “easy” :slight_smile: adjustment that could improve perception of the game…


I’m at 290 and see a really wide range. Not sure if the 200+ mentioned above is accurate, sort of recall a some 180s, occasional 110 even. While 600+ and 1000 is also in the mix. I don’t pay much attention to lvl but estimate the majority would appear in the ±100 range still. Defends similar, the top guys see me alright when I play.

Activity is a definite factor, attacks come in triggered by my invades and cease if I’m not playing.


Yeah, once I’ve stopped Invading after Tuesday, no more attacks.

So what I’m getting is that there’s really no restriction on matchmaking (except perhaps after you reach PvP 1?); you can be matched up against anyone, regardless of level.


Here’s an estimated level-to-matchmaking ratio.

(Note: Only an estimate.)
Level 8-10 (Average Opponents: Level 8-15)
Level 11-15 (Average Opponents: Level 10-25)
Level 16-20 (Average Opponents: Level 12-35)
Level 21-30 (Average Opponents: Level 18-50)
Level 31-40 (Average Opponents: Level 25-70)
Level 41-50 (Average Opponents: Level 30-100)
Level 51-65 (Average Opponents: Level 40-140)
Level 66-80 (Average Opponents: Level 50-180)
Level 81-110 (Average Opponents: Level 75-220)
Level 111-140 (Average Opponents: Level 90-270)
Level 141-170 (Average Opponents: Level 120-350)
Level 171-199 (Average Opponents: Level 130-430)
Level 200+ (Average Opponents: Level 150-Twice your Level +)

Activity of the opponent plays a large factor in encountering them. Especially for 200+ when you’re able to start encountering level 1000’s on the norm. These averages are only that, averages. You CAN and WILL encounter higher level players depending on their activity.

If a level 24 encountered a level 1000, that means that opponent (the level 1k) had been PvPing incredibly recently, and playing by no small number of wins. It’s an extremely rare occurrence and is nothing to be concerned about.

I’d have personally wanted to try that at that level, it’s like in an RPG when you encounter the end boss for the first time and get completely stomped, only to rise through the ranks and beat them when you’re finally a high enough level! I’m a sucker for an underdog story.



yeah, I guess it depends how you view it. Either a challenge/something to look forward to or the game being “unfair” :slightly_smiling: