Matchmaking - is being attacked by opponents 500 levels above you normal?

Today I got attacked by a lvl 648 hero with 3 webspinners and a chromatic orb.

I am lvl 109.

How, in the name of all that is holy, am I supposed to fend off opponents ~550 levels above myself? Ones that abuse cheesy builds, too.

It happened more than once and is exceptionally frustrating. I stand no chance against those people.

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Sadly it is normal. Personally I am frustrated that I keep getting matched up against peopel 200 levels below me.

We fight level 1000 all the time and doesnt feel any especial (600 lvls above me) ex di

LOL, I think this is more a Webspinner-Rage post than a level issue.
I feel you bro.

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I’m level 1000 and I often fight players 700-800 levels below me… I fight what I get match with…

Surely it’s worse this time of the week, as we’ve just had the PVP reset and everyone is working up the ranks again.

I normally see lower level opponents than usual at this time, then it stabilises in a few days as I get to rank 1.

Also, some points on matchmaking:

  • it’s tilted toward players who’ve been more active invading
  • there are relatively few players at the highest levels (400+ say) so you’ll see each other more often
  • it’s tilted away from players in your guild

At the end of the day, it’s random, supposedly…

Perhaps one of the devs can comment @Sirrian @Nimhain?

Tell it to Mr. Sammy who is in our guild but I was still able to invade him :smile: . It is true that it was in a week when he joined so the weekly reset might have been involved.
Update: I invaded Mr. Sammy again today. It is a second week after he joined so the PVP reset did not help.

I wonder if I’m always active?
I only re-started invading a few weeks ago…
I’d stopped playing since June, the only think I was doing was to connecting on Mondays to collect the new reward items.

Maybe they decided it was fun to have me active for invasion, as I was the only lvl 1000 at that time.

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Or I was just chosen as a lvl 1000 players slayer :smile:
Not sure if more of you have the same luck but I had like 10 invasions against lvl 1000 guys in last days. I am sure about this list:

P.S. @MrSammy, your build with two Terraxises was really tough today.

@orbin111, are we good money at least?

Can you beat us most of the time?
My new defence team gets me quite a few wins, probably around 60%…

@MrSammy, quite decent money. I choose to invide only when the loot is over 800G. With you guys it is usualy over 1000G so it makes between 2k and 3k with bonuses. I think that I lost only against someone with two Jarls team. I escaped, of course to not loose trophy :smile:

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In my experience, the level of the player does not matter nearly as much as the troops being used. After level 250 or so, the hero doesn’t get much in the way of life or armor boosts just for leveling up. I was beating Mr. Sammy and Jhyngg quite regularly when I was at level 300. As far as I can tell, it all depends on the troops and the cleverness of the invading player.

The major landmark is lvl 150. This is when you get Prismatic Orb, the staple of every cheese build with 3 webweavers, 3 celestasias or 3 goblins.

You are right @RiverSong and @HoundArchoin the level is not so important. I didn’t try to claim that I am so good that I can beat lvl 1000 player. I just wanted to point out that strange luck. Within last hour I had another 2 fights with them.
In any case it is something like an honour to fight them.

and another one with Mr.Sammy just now. Don’t tell me this is normal :smile:

An honour… Really?
Playing against OCD players who HAD to reach level 1000 by playing thousands of hours of GoW…
Well thank-you, I guess.

You might see me a lot, as I’ve been quite active this week. I played 600+ games…

Orbin, it’s an old picture? aren’t you in the same team :wink:

@KAYA43V3R, It was taken at the time of the post. We are really in the same guild and fighting each other. Well, at least I am fighting him :wink:

oh :hushed:
I thought you did not meet a member of his team
but apparently yes

@orbin111 - You and I may be the only ones who think so, but I do think it is an honor to fight and/or beat one of the 1000 level players. There aren’t that many of them that you can afford to give them a miss, especially considering the payday involved.