Recently hit 200, why are most matches against 400+?

I really like this game a lot, and have supported the devs with in game purchases. But it can be so infuriating at times. Why is the vast majority of my opponents in pvp double, triple, even quadruple my characters level? I’m level 210 now, and I oftentimes get matched up with players who are level 1,000? Seriously, what gives? I sometimes beat these opponents (even the 1000 ones), but how is this balanced? I never get matched with someone lower than me. I’m often going against a team of fully traited mythics. Am I expected to have a full mythic team at 200? Because I’m not even close. My main team consists of three epics and an ultra rare. Is this just an issue that needs a patch to fix, or is this how it’s supposed to be? I get that the ai is doesn’t play with as much skill as a human player. So, is this how the devs compensate for that? This isn’t going to keep me from playing the game, but it sure makes losing pretty annoying when it’s only due to the fact that the opposing team is double my level. Any insight is appreciated.

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The training wheels are off sort of speak. In any case, in the next update this should be corrected. That’s my understanding at least.

Level 200 is the breaking point when all levels are open to fight. Upon reaching PvP rank 1 you are almost guaranteed to face only higher level opponent’s.

Unfortunately this was all balanced for before 1.0.9.
As it currently stands the breaking point is too low now. This will hopefully be fixed in 2.0 (next big patch), where PvP and battles in general will be getting a rework.

Here’s to holding out until then. In the mean time, Arena’s a fun alternative for Trophies and multiple other rewards.

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At level 200 I was winning most of my games against opponents who dramatically outleveled me; Mr Sammy was my white whale, and the nerf to true shot in 1.0.9 means even his teams aren’t as fearsome as they used to be (now, Krammaster, on the other hand…). Do you have a preferred team for PVP? Maybe there are more effective combinations available to you.

I’m currently running a goblin team (goblin, boar rider, shaman, & rocket). I held off making a goblin team for a long time, but finally took the plunge. And it’s been by far my most effective team. Before that I was running with Alastair, Templar, paladin, & prismatic orb. It was a good team, but could fall apart if Alastair was taken out quickly. I win probably around 80-85% with the goblins even up against teams that far out-level me. I really probably shouldn’t expect much better than that. Just a little irritating that my loses seem to mainly be because I’m so out-leveled.

I think its funny when people consider level to even matter after about 100…

I think it’s fair to assume that someone at level 1000 has had more time to build their deck with ascension and leveling than a level 100 player. I understand that level isn’t equivalent to skill but it’s definitely related to time played thus more souls, more keys, more duplicate cards.

anyone over 200 likely has at least a few solid teams… whereas a 1000 probably has dozens just means your less versatile so stick with whack you got and work on more teams…

The next major update will massively change PvP and provide better options for matchmaking we think… So hang in there :slight_smile:

On the levels debate… So yeah, I’m level 1000 and my defence team is deliberately evil… And not standard everymetawhere goblins or dragons… I think I should be hard to beat by level 200 players… If matchmaking offers you that battle you don’t have to do it, but I’m sure I’m lucrative enough to be worth the risk…

The game slowly gets harder and easier as you progress. I just want to kill the enemy team as quickly as possible but dang it if i can’t have fun doing so. After level certain milestones this game changes and you must be attentive to notice it.

well if your going to have us lower leveled guys have to face ya level 1000ers, Give us back the properly damaging burning scythe, RIP weapon. That weapon alone made y’all not so annoying to deal with :smiley: Now sadly I must use a replacement

use sun and moon. it is a growwer and not a showwer

its one the few I don’t have, Don’t think i had much back when it was released so i never got it, now i regret it.

I think the basic answer to the original question is that it probably depends on the time you play, meaning who else is active during that time.

I turned 200 a couple of weeks ago and play about 9 matches between 11am-3pm EDT with the rest coming at around 9pm-11pm EDT. I keep track of who I’m playing and have seen a WIDE range of levels; the majority are actually 200-300, but I have played against <200 (I fought a 104 this past Monday) and have also gotten the occasional 1000 (Bremen, also this past Monday). And of course, there are the occasionals everywhere else.

In short, my experience is that it’s not always MUCH higher level players but sometimes, and sometimes you get lower level players. I think the matching algorithm is fine.

When I go up against a full mythic team, it does matter. Level is only an indicator of time put into the game. And with that time, people can ascend troops to mythic level and max them out. That is a major reason why I lose some matches to teams that I would normally beat otherwise.

Wouldn’t a player that has a higher level (which would also mean played longer) be better at this game?

might matter if we had true pvp… but we don’t.

On the other hand, if Jainus attacks YOU, you don’t really have much of a choice…

There’s always choice :slight_smile:

You could surrender and cower beneath my daemonic rule…

If Live PVP comes, I’m sure you guys will be wishing it away again.

There was also another thread discussing that topic.