So at level 200 the game turns to complete BS?

Just hit the 200 level milestone. Yay for me.

A guild member who hit this level a while back was stating how hard the matchmaking was past level 200. Mind you this was pre 1.09.

Now, with the harder PVP in 1.0.9 with miracle drops for the AI and nearly all my opponents are full mythic near rank 1000, this game is coming close to not fun.

Any hope of better match making soon? I like the challenge but maybe 1-200 should be matched together, 200-500 the next match group and 500+ the last match group. Doesnt seem that hard.


PvP system is getting reworked in 2.0 version that is next to come out.
But as far as it seems to me is that your team is the problem. I’m level 289, have a single mythic troop (flame canon) and i don’t skip any battles and haven’t lost a battle in probably last 50-80 battles (with regularly fighting level 1000 players). . What is your team?

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I think there is still a balance issue regardless of teams and Lola makes a good point what is fair about a lvl 200 having to go against a lvl 1000 with full mythic/traits. maybe person can win against the team but be more fair to fight someone more along the same lvl as Lola suggested. Maybe this will be in next patch fix. you can also skip those fights but that’s a crappy thing to if you have to skip 8 of 10 to get a pvp that isn’t 500 lvls above your own.

You can also scout them and pick a counter team and win with ease.

yes, lots of things you can do. such as counter team.
but in fairness and balance. the game is off balance. much easier to just balance these fights with people of own lvl.
other thing is not all lvl 200’s have just handful’s of counter teams.

I personally well over the 200’s but speaking for other 200’s as I went thru same thing. and felt same way as Lola

just like I got to skip over lvl 100’s on rank day or fight a no loss battle that’s boring. give me someone my lvl also which is 400’s

I do scout but not sure at level 200 what team works on full mythic sheggra/bone dragon/Gorgatha with granite skin or fully traited Celestia with constant barrier.

My team does need a rework. Been using a Fey setup Treat/Dryad/Rowanne/Hero with prismatic. Worked like a charm before level 200 , not so much now.

Yep, your team isn’t good to beat most high level teams. Why don’t you try combining rowanne with sunweaver? For every point of armor she gets from sunweaver spell her damage will go up double that + she will also get hp and life in proces which will make her more deadly on skull matching too. Then if celestia is a problem either drain her out with Moloch, or run a devour troop. Did you know that if you devour a troop that had barrier your troop that eat the enemy troop gets the barrier. And of course for skull damage absorption from sheggra/bone dragon either run some troop that takes reduced damage, remove skulls or play with some troop with freeze so they don’t get extra turns making their skull creators work for you. Or run a Moloch and drain their mana before they cast :wink:
Also are you in a guild? Playing in a high ranked guild does wonders because of all the glory keys/gems and maps you get every day + the mana surges. If your guild doesn’t suit you my guild (Mean Machine rank 175) has 1 spot and I can invite you to join us :slight_smile: If you want just send me a message on forum with your invite code :wink:

If you’re a priest with Yasmine’s Chalice, vs the prismatic, it can still cut through.

I used
Green Seer
Yasmine’s Chalice (Priest)

The chalice give you the ability to go Green Seer → Chalice → Match 5 → Chalice → Rowanne. Often hitting for more than 200 damage a cast.

I recently discovered the value of investing in a Gob-chomper team as a secondary team. The 1/3 of matches that are Goblins are now so easy and it allows you to have that as a fall back as you experiment with other teams to deal with whatever the flavor of the month is.


your not getting our Lola. which is a guild leader not to far behind your guild. all ours no way no how (forget about it ) :slight_smile:


The best way to tackle those 2 is devouring them. A secondary option would be targeted spell damage. But IMHO devouring works better.

I don’t know what kind of troops you have but maybe something built around the hero (sorcerer class) with Black Manacles could work for you (it worked great for me with Valkyrie, Green Slime and Keeper of Souls)…

I see a lot of tactics but not the simple fix of balancing game. I guess I am aware that some like this big challenge of having to beat a lvl 1000 with full mythic/traits at lvl 200. but some do not.its like a punishment for being newer than some lvl 1000 who has played for years. do not believe the 1000’s should be nerfed just play at your own lvls = balanced play

You can’t “balance” around player level, because player level has virtually nothing to do with the army a player fields. A level 200 who spends a ton on the game to get a full mythic set is going to be a rough fight, and even when I’m level 1000 I’ll probably still be fielding quirky sub-optimal teams for my own interest.


This is just my opinion…

I don’t believe the level has anything to do with it. Being in a good guild makes this game fun. You need keys and souls to excel in this game. Your level says how much time you have put in the game. I’m level 600+ and I don’t have Keeper of Souls. RNG is not on my side.

Anyway, being in a good guild that provides you the resources you need will help. We can give you all the combinations in the world; but if you don’t spend REAL money or receive a 100+ keys a day, you will hit the proverbial wall. If you’re an active player, find an active guild. That’s my advice.

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ok what Mr. Strange had to say does make sense. but has to be a better way than current. ofcourse if someone spends ton of cash to up game quickly probably always be that way Vs. someone who didn’t

I also noticed that after level 200 the game became much harder and not as fun. Then the update to 1.0.9 even set my troops that much farther behind to being able to compete with the higher mythic cards. I guess because I’m not in a top guild and have not spent 1000’s of dollars, I should not have fun in this game.

I did spend money in the beginning when the game was fun, but since it has lost that “fun” I will be a lot less likely to spend more. I want to control the difficulty of my matches, I play games for fun. If I want the challenge, then I’ll set my difficulty higher and challenge myself. 1.0.9 went backwards in my opinion and some of the troop balancing actually unbalanced the game.

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well put AeroCloud

The devs have also said that their idea of balance is not that everything is on a level playing field; rather, there are counters to any given strategy. I’ll give one example:

They have ignored most of the concerns about Goblins being OP in the sense that they haven’t nerfed them much, and certainly not to the extent folks have wanted. However, there are now a bunch of different tools to effectively deal with them (Gob-Chomper, Goblin Crusher, Dark Song, Frozen, etc.).

Yes, it means you’ll need to have multiple teams so you can deal with whatever the current meta is, but there’s generally going to be a few teams that can deal with whatever you encounter. And to the extent you’re facing folks with full mythic/max kingdom teams, yes, their base stats will be better than yours; however, that’s strictly to offset the fact that you’re much smarter than the AI.

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