Lvl 200 vs a lvl 1000 is just dumb

I think the match making system has huge flaws when a level 1000 is paired against lower level players. This is pretty dumb and needs to be fixed. I should not have to defend against players 800 levels higher than me. This is making the game way less fun to play. What are your opinions on this issue?

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Players, myself included, have been complaining about this for ages and nothing happens. I personally think the matchmaking should find opponents who are +/- 20% or so of your level. A 200 would fight players from 160 to 240 in this system, which would be nice. But complaints about this never get anywhere, I’m sorry to say.

Usually opponents that vastly outlevel you, also give a significantly higher gold reward, so i welcome them.
Not that it matters what level the opponent has difficulty-wise when you face a true shot/sheggra/bonedragon team, you have to walk on eggshells the whole game anyways. :sunglasses:

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What is your difficulty set at? It’s definitely possible to beat a level 1000 while at level 200. You just have to be smart and strategic about it and have luck on your side. But yes, it is difficult and the battle will be long, sweaty and full of tears. If your difficulty is at Normal then there may be a problem and you probably shouldn’t be playing against a level 1000. O_o

Look on the bright side! Mo’ Money!

Note that you can see an opponent’s level before accepting a fight with them, you don’t have to pay 50 to scout, just the 10 to find another. So this is cheaply avoidable if that’s your preference.

This kind of matchup has to be offered once in a while because the alternative is that high-level players just get invaded less often than lower level players, by design of the system.

Personally I take all comers. (I’m level 145.) Some of those all-mythic teams give my troops a good workout, I find it fun. The possibility of seeing a credible opponent keeps the overall activity in the category of “game” for me.

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Personally, this has never bothered me. I’ve seen low level players with great defenses, and high level players with weak defenses. Most of the time I don’t even pay attention to my opponent’s level anymore. At normal difficulty, it’s just not that tough to get wins even against overpowered nonsense, such as goblins or agile/true shot. Currently level 322 and win about 98% of my pvp matches.

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I do not want matchmaking to pit me only against people close to my level. I am 340ish, and beat any level. I don’t want to lose the gold from those higher level players!

I’m over lvl600 at the moment, so most of my matches are vs people lower than me … the higher ones don’t exactly have a massive edge or anything as far as I can tell. The number of times I’ve wondered where this lvl240 player got all their Mythics from …

And, the overused-but-true line: basically anything can be beaten in this game. I would avoid True Shot right now though.

I have been routinely whupping level 1000s since I was a mere level 100 lad (looking at you, Mr. Sammy). The traited agile true shotters pose much more difficulty now, and they can be found in the hands of level 100 players today.

yes I’m aware of that. I am talking about defending. You have no control over this.

Glad to know you’re in the wining 25%, not the whining 75%!

@Acidburn, I’m with you on that one… I hate playing against players 800 levels below me!
You guys are dirt poor! Seriously, 300 gold pieces for a fight! [sigh] :wink:


Mugging the homeless :slight_smile:

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Here’s an idea: Increase the level cap to 9001

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I find fighting higher level players useful, as it helps me to see good teams in action - at least, when I get to fight something other than the tried and true mainstays, like goblins, dragons, or true shot, that is. I get to see how they work out, how the AI plays them, and what I might do if I were controlling them, without having to spend all those resources to get the troop that far. In short, it allows me to see what my troops might become if I come across a good team. Then, I can spend my souls and traitstones on troops that will be worth it in the end.

Plus the extra gold reward helps too :sunglasses:


More like stealing candies from kids. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, this is complete and utter b.s. You’d be hard pressed to find a developer that’s more responsive to the community. Sirrian is literally and the CEO of his company (and has a legit wikipedia page as a legend in the industry!) and he responds constantly and often to extremely minor questions/concerns. If anything, they should be less responsive so they can crank out updates faster.

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It may be kinda annoying, but you can wipe the defends you don’t want to process. Just fight the ones you do want, then switch home kingdoms. That will clear all of your outstanding defends. I know it sucks to pay the 100g for the switch and switch back, but it will clear those out. From what I am hearing you can also accept the defend, and then immediately force close the app. That would avoid the trophy loss and clear the defend with no cost to you but time. Not a final answer obviously, but I can’t provide anything there, just a work around that may alleviate some of your pain.

I have not heard that they are putting matchmaking on the roadmap, but I have to believe that they will eventually. It has been brought up quite a bit so I am sure the devs are thinking about solutions.


ive been reading that pvp gets over haul in 2.0 (after players in 1.09)

Hardly. This issue has been complained about endlessly, and nothing has been said or done about it. It is complete and utter truth. The devs are, in general, responsive and are also good communicators. But on this issue, zip.

When I was below 300, I was happy to hit the 700+ level players. They were worth so much gold. This is before they Nerfed the top players mana surge rates by almost 15%.

Kingdom bonuses make more of a difference than the level does in my opinion.

When they switched the kingdom bonus system, I only had 1 at level 10. Over the next month and a half, I leveled all the other to 10. With each kingdom I leveled, the gap closed.

The other gap I see, is some players in top guilds, had so many more traitstones available early, that troops with traits early made a huge difference.

So, to me anyway, the level doesn’t make a ton of difference. The kingdom levels, ascension, and traits had a far bigger impact on which teams are the most threatening.