PvP matchmaking criteria

I’ve noticed that since I leveled over 200, I’ve been getting people all-too-often 2x my level or up players in PvP. Only on the first day of a week there’s some variation. How does PvP matchmaking work?

Do not worry about it. Pvp is about to change.


I just ticked over 200 myself & I’ve been doing okay. Mainly because I heard so many warnings about the change in pool of competitors & prepared for the shift.

The best way to cope at 200 is to get at least ONE team all souped up and worry about other cards/teams later. That means every card on the team is fully traited, ascended to rare or (preferably) legendary, some kingdom bonuses (the magic kingdoms, at least).

If you have one good team then you can manage by scouting & picking your opponent carefully. Then get a second and a third, etc.

It’s really not as bad as I’d feared it would be.