What is the criteria for the matchmaking for PvP games?

Hi, I’m fairly new to the game (level 132), but I am curious on how the matchmaking works for this game. Earlier I fought a level 1000 player and it was a bit one-sided. I’m not angry, but I’d really like to find out more about this and see if maybe there is an answer.

I don’t know why, but on the first day after the weekly reset, the matchmaking is always more varied than on subsequent days when it settles down. So if you don’t want variability, give it 24 hours to sort itself out. I actually like having a day of looser matchmaking once a week. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks so much for replying actreal. That clears up some of it for me. :smiley:

PvP selects people who are active in some time period. In case the population is thin, it widens choices.

You see the level of the opponent, can just ask another for small gold or quitting and waiting a few minutes.