Unable to win PvP battles after Rank 1 achieved


Did something change this week? I am only level 200 with a mediocre attack team. I am being matched against level 500-1000 fully-traited elite opponents. I am unable to win any PvP battles. I even made sure to go down to ‘normal’ difficulty.

This just started… I usually get 200-300 trophies per week. This week I was only able to get the trophies from the journey to rank 1.

It almost seems like the difficulty is scaling off the charts.

I am on XBox One console.


Congratulations, you are now in the “200-1000” bucket. This is actually by design, and while it’s an intimidating hurdle, you’ll discover soon that many of the high-level teams are still beatable.

I suggest you stick to a control deck for now. Your enemy can’t kill you if they don’t get a turn :smile_cat:

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Well as an engineer its my opinion that this is a terrible matchmaking algorithm design. It makes no sense whatsoever to match a level 200 player against a fully-traited max team and a level 1000 opponent. I have nearly no chance to win as the opponent will likely have all cities at 10 and 4-5 gold stars per city. This explains why the last guy i fought had 11 mana surges in a row… the masteries were much higher than mine.

On XBox One we only cycle through 25 or so of the same opponents… get a bad pull of overpowered opponents and its game over.

Best Wishes,

I hear you – it was intimidating for me too at first. I mean, the power curve does flatten out in the last few hundred levels, but there is a distinct difference between level 200 and 1000 in terms of raw resources. That being said, the developers definitely have heard the forum feedback and have not adjusted the algorithm, which leads me to believe that the system is working as intended.

Should help some when the new pvp update gets to consoles in a week or two. You should be able to see power levels of your opponents before you fight them after the update.

I noticed it too as soon as I passed level 200. Welcome to Goblins and Knights. Getting my kingdoms to level 10 made a big difference to my stats and I am comparable to most teams I come up against now

I had a similar problem back in the day, when I was only level 76. I was being put into matches with people between levels 500-1000 and had no way to compete. I eventually quit, came back, and suddenly traits were a thing, and I didn’t have any.

But my matches were starting to be with people around 100-300, which was more reasonable. I appreciated this. But once I reached 100, I’ve been put into the same bracket with and matched against people that reach top 100 every week. I’m presently only level 200-some and still getting matched against people 5x my level.

The difference is I don’t have a problem with it now. Stick to control decks. Once you get a Mab, love the everliving hell out of her, level her, trait her, give her souls, and your invades will go from near impossible to being easy as cake.

Tl;dr: Keep fighting, you’re almost out of the woods and will be able to fight them more easily soon

What are you favourite mab teams? She is coming to console soon

Soothsayer/Giant Spider/Mab/Valkyrie is my present go-to. Some people replace Sooth with Khorvash. Some people go Sooth/Mab/Valk/Mab. Which I would be doing if I had another Mab

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I will be aiming for two mabs during the event week. Thank you

Cannot emphasize what @Lyya said enough.

Board control. I never really struggled in the mid-game because I was using:

Templar / Valkyrie / Paladin / Mercy

I made traiting Mercy a priority to get empowered and from there it was simple - Mercy fills Valk, Valk fills Templar, Templar fills and buffs Paladin. When you run out of moves, fire off Paladin and kill the toughest enemy. Rinse and repeat.

Templar / Valkyrie / Rowanne / Mercy is also very, very strong.

Ideally you wat 6 Mabs, to get two copies to Mythic. Double-Mab is still very strong.

I havent bothered raising anyones level in ages, so I may be wrong, but I think I would need 7 Mabs for that?

It would kill a lot (all) of my stored gems purchasing 200-350ish event keys. Is it worth it considering she only increases by 1 magic at mythic?

Eh, the added benefit of being Mythic is probably not worth it for Console since your resources will be spread thin by the glut of incoming troops. If you were being drip-fed, like we are, then I’d say go for it. But 2 is a great starting point.

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Cool, I’ll stick with 2

Good points made above. Your team is probably too weak in the 200-1000 bracket.

There are two easy teams that WILL win while you level up a bit:

  1. Goblins.
  2. Control Teams. Such as (Treeant, Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee)

One more thing: there is a bug in the mana surge calculation on console that has probably been there since release. It was pointed out a few months ago as players were climbing the ranks to the Development team. This bug significantly favors higher level players mana surge percentage (greater than it should be). We don’t have any word if it will be addressed in the next update (Sept) or the following one in (Oct).

Keep at it, Once you get over the hump it will be smooth sailing…

im about level 120 now but when i go from 15 to 1 ranking i always seem to play players between 75 and my ranking but as soon as im ranking 1 im getting matches often at least 10/20 above me, to them in the 400+ bracket upto 800. i played a few bigger ranked teams but got hammered so now as a rule i dont play anyone more than 30 places higher unless im feeling brave :slight_smile: