PvP issues on PS4

I just lost 2 PvP defends. My issue is that the first 1 ended and I still had 4 health on my Goblin. The 2nd defend play i was massacred by a level 144 i am only a lvl 80. How is that fair? I can understand playing against someone a few lvls different than me but 60 lvls higher? Thats a load of crap.

You will regularly find that you won’t be close to the level of the targets the game chooses for you, just the nature of the beast.

If you keep drawing much higher-leveled players in PvP, I suggest using the Scout function as much as possible and build Teams to counter the ones you are facing.

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I wasnt attacking though i was revenging an attack. So next time i just suck it up and let them have my gold and stuff? I mean that round i was against a level 144 player who defended with all orange cards. I used my highest ranked troops boosted with all the traits i could afford to upgrade.

@TaliaParks also when i go to my hero and look at my collection it says i have 39039 glory but when i go to the shop i only have 731 the only glory i have used was to buy the celestia.

It’s the woes of being a low level player with limited resources, you get more Defends where you can’t realistically Revenge because you’d lose.

It gets MUCH better as you level though, so my advice is to either Retreat immediately (to clear up the Defend slot) or just leave those Defends unprocessed and they will be overwritten in 24 hours and you’ll, hopefully, draw a better opponent.

Remember, Scouting is a low-level player’s best friend.

The number for the Glory in the Hero Collection is a bug. Until they fix it, the number in the Shop or at the Glory Chest screens will tell you the truth.