Xbox one- lag and chat issues

Just want to mention some issues I have not seen mentioned but that decrease enjoyment of the game. I’ve had all of these issues for a very long time, and keep thinking they will get fixed, but so far they have not. Maybe the devs are not aware of them? Or am I the only one that has them? I play on Xbox one.

  1. The game takes an extremely long time to load (longer than any other game on my system- at least 5 full minutes). I have to open the game and then go wash dishes, make a meal or something before I can come back and actually play.

  2. Why do we have to press A after the initial loading screen, especially if we are already logged in? It just means we have to wait until that part loads before we can leave to go wash dishes.

  3. Because of issues 1 and 2, I prefer not to quit the game, but just go to xbox home when finished, and hit “resume” to quickly get back in. This has a couple of drawbacks though:
    3a) Daily tasks and some other things don’t update
    3b) Guild chat stops working entirely. I can only see the latest posts on guild chat immediately after quitting and reloading the game (i.e., when I get back from washing dishes).

  4. There are many long lags:
    4a) After collecting tribute, I have to wait 30-60 seconds before I can do anything.
    4b) When switching from the kingdom view to the menu options (pressing Y), there is again often a 30-60 second lag
    4c) Clicking on the Troops menu usually results in another 30-60 second lag (or even longer).

These are quite annoying- especially if you only have a very short time to play, and just want to do one or two battles before heading to work, etc. If the game has to load, then there’s not enough time. And when you hit one of those lags in item 4, there’s no telling how long it will last.

Do all xbox players experience these issues? Are there any others I am forgetting?


For a match 3 game it does take an unholy amount of time to load, I don’t know why. Yes the game freezes for me when tribute is due and it’s worse after latest update. The chat is super annoying, I have to (in game) disconnect from chat and rejoin to get it to show every single time I start the game.

P.S. Your dishes must be super clean by now :smiley:

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I have the exact same issues as you @Griswald. I also play on Xbox1.

I have the same issues too. Do you guys have to hit A like ten times to get it to load too? I’m still getting the downloading assets after i hit A, i thought that would cease to happen after the update. It’s only when i do a hard reset when i start for the day to get my daily tasks to change over. There’s a terrible lag when i finish a pvp battle as well. It goes to a screen showing the kingdom i invaded and freezes for a good 30 seconds before going to rewards, sometimes it skips that screen entirely. I notice it more when i fight a team with the hero in it (i use dragons 99% of the time). I also have to take a few turns once all my opponent’s troops are dead a few times a day, that’s new since the update. Anyone else notice the ai gets insane cascades even without a storm? Ragnagord will fill himself, famine, infernus, then infernus casts and fills himself again, over and over. I don’t think it was this bad before, but that’s just what i’m observing. I know there are more but i can’t recall them now. Sorry for the wall. I’m just really gd frustrated, but i’m glad other people are seeing it too that it’s not all in my head.

The ai filling quicker and being luckier in general is definitely a thing since update. But the devs will deny of course.

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Oh, they can adjust that almost instantly on the server side now.

I’ll call it ‘gem density’, if you create X gems, how close those gems are created to each other. Make it close, a small creation has a good chance for a 4 match. Make it large and you wonder how 23 gems and not a single match, opponent is set up nice though lol.

They ‘played’ with that setting a few months ago in PC land. They freaked out and the forum threads are still around, I just don’t remember as much since I mostly play Xbox.

Playing arena is extremely laggy on ps4 and has been for months. It’s also very laggy entering and exiting the pvp tab.