Xbox Gow seems super popular lately

Xbox Gow got some free goodies, xbox store seems to show it at #2 free to play, and the ranked pvp shows a lot more players.

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Can you share any good xbox stats with us?

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When you look at the top free games section in the xbox store, GOW is the game we see first


The free goodies and discounted items worked well. Maybe they should do it more often.:wink:

Edit: And give us some codes like PC!! Forget about Sony if they refuse to cooperate.


I would be all for that. As long as we don’t have the poor server performance that came with it. That was beyond horrid last time.

They’re slow at adding extra servers, but that’s all it is. It’s a money thing.

While we did increase server capacity, it was bonkers just how much the message initiative drove to the game! That was the first time trying something like that, so we’ll be more prepared next time :slight_smile:

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We aren’t in the practice of sharing statistics like this, but it raises a compelling question. What kind of insights are you most interested in? In this case I imagine it’s player surge (which was a big’un!), but for a long term inquiry, are you interested in big readouts of statistics across the game?

2 years ago something very similar was done. A free download containing of a bunch of starter Gems of War items were offered in the Xbox ‘Weekly Deals Section’. The result was identical. Mr. Strange (console dev) at the time had to increase server capacity 3x in one week to handle all the new players.


Oh dang! Welp, there you have it. “First time” trying something like the Rain of Keys in messaging, but your point stands. There have been a lot of changes of the guard since then, so I guess first time to us. I make little monthly historical summaries for the teams, and have noted the impact on the servers to include there. Hopefully the learnings will survive the test of at least 2 years.

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@VirginiaApplejack I’d love to see some info graphics similar to games like Warframe that release these types of IG’s almost every 6 to 12 months to the community

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Noted, great reference!