Wrong traitstones from challenges

Pc/mobile (steam version):

Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JrUdBi9yhI&feature=youtu.be

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expected the traitstones from blighted lands to be green (as stated) was actually purple.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
A fellow guild member noticed an issue, so i started recording, happened since 4.5.

Steps to make it happen again
Look for a Tier 4 challenge whose “reward” doesn’t match the kingdom’s colour.

Showing green is probably the bug. The mastery for Blighted Lands is purple so getting a purple traitstone makes sense.

This has already been partly fixed

@Cyrup or @Kafka should the arcane be red/purple?

Didn’t take screenshots for Silverglade (showed Plains but awarded Light) and Maugrim Woods (showed Storm but awarded Spirit);
Here is Urskaya:

Then it occurred to me it could be some sort of a visual bug, so I also did Gacial Peaks (promises Stoic; awards Venom). Checked numbers before claiming the reward and after - three Venoms more, meaning that mail message states the traitstones correctly.

Obviously this discrepancy must be a bug; but I surely fail to see the logic in these arcane rewards. Silverglade is fine (with Plains stone), but Storm or Spirit (at least it has some blue in it) for Maugrim Woods? and so on…

Leonis empire, challenge page states arcane skull traitstones, I did not screenshot, but actual received Gems%20of%20War_2019-08-28-15-22-22 reward was different.

At least, as far as post update issues go, this is the tamest we’ve seen so far.

Thanks for that, I’ve raised the issue with the game team who will look into it


Much appreciated. I’ll hold onto Challenges until then.


Good to know. I am not doing any of the new Challenges until 4.6 gets out anyway.

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It’s still showing wrong but is rewarding the right ones now. No need to wait for months.

What it seems to be doing is showing the first kingdom you click on for challenges. It then shows that screen for traitstones regardless if/when you change kingdoms. If you leave the game and come back in, it does the same thing, showing the first kingdom you click on for challenges. EX: You enter the game & click on Bright Forest. It shows the arcane & minor stones for Bright Forest visually on the screen. You exit out & go to Dragon’s Claw. It shows the arcane & minor traitstones…for Bright Forest.
However, it IS giving out the correct traitstones AND arcanes for the relevant kingdom. So in the above example, it gives out minor fire stones at each challenge & 3 arcane storm when you complete Dragon’s Claw. Confusing, but you’re not missing out on the stones you’re supposed to get.
Still a bug, but a visual one only.

@kris11 it takes time to pinpoint issues and create fixes.

As you could see exactly what Traitstones you were going to receive and decided to do the challenges anyway and as this was affecting all players we can’t provide compensation for the issue this time sorry.

I understand it’s frustrating and we did fix it as soon as we could.

Hey you’re right of course you didn’t ask for compensation - I’ve been fielding requests like that for a few days and should have paid more attention. I didn’t intend to be harsh sorry, I’m a bit blunt at times, bull in a china shop over here ^_^;

I’ll try to make sure there’s more information available sooner for issues like this in the future - this one slipped by my article making, forum posting to do list :frowning:


I asked if this was working as intended a week ago, in the feedback section and tagged a member of the team, and was flatly ignored. 6 days later we finally get an acknowledgement that it was not working as intended?

Glad I was at least pacing myself. My alt needs targeted traitstones badly, and I burned a kingdom I was targeting for its traitstones. Would’ve been nice if someone said a week ago that it was actually a problem, and it wasn’t intended to be random.

Hey @CanyonSurfer, I’m sorry that it came across as ignoring you. We’re a small, busy team and can’t possibly see and respond to every request across all the social channels we need to monitor.

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