Which Arcane drops in Blighted Lands?

As its banner is three colors (two plus, one minus), which arcane does it drop?

I assume purple/red, or purple/red + purple/purple. I haven’t seen it drop one yet, nor several to see if it drops both.

It would make both Arcanes significantly easier to grind I assume? Hence my question. Perhaps they’re introducing a three-color Arcane to then match a new three color troop? :wink:

Blighted Lands should be dropping Purple/ Red arcane traitstones.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I definitely had some green ones while I was doing the quests and challenges there…


as did i… no purple. i was setting up my spread sheet

I get tons of green traitstones there too, but no purple

There was a problem with the Blighted Land traitstones earlier, which we corrected.

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I just got an Arcane Dark traitstone during the questline of Blighted Lands

And in Drifting Sands I got an Arcane Mountain traitstone…