Anyone know the minor major traitstones for the 2 new kingdoms?


I saw the list for the Arcane traitstones but wondered does anyone know which of the earth, fire, wind, water, magic, or nature stones that are major or minor are in the 2 new kingdoms Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands.

Not sure how to word this correctly, but I am having a hard time getting even the minor and major traitstones and wondered which ones dropped in the new kingdoms.


each kingdom has 2 colors related to it and drops all the stones from either color + the arcane stone featuring both color

drifting sand is an air/earth kingdom, blighted lands is another fire/magic kingdom and drop the same stones as ghoulvania


some do just one color. those are the ones you want to farm for minor, major, and runics.
red is pridelands
yellow is whitehelm
green is forest of thorns
blue is stormheim
purple is karkoth
brown is khaziel

hope it helps :smiley:


Thanks for explaining teasel, and thanks kzintiwife for pointing on the single color kingdoms, this will help!


There is a great guide posted here:


Thanks Mufasha.