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Arcane for which Troop

Is there an easy way to find which troops take which arcane traitstones? I know you can find a troop on the wiki or here and see which traitstones they use, but I don’t see an option to sort by traitstone. Is there a list out there, or some other way to find this info quickly?


Maybe something like this?


Yeah, that works. Thanks.

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Sorting by color is the same as sorting by traitstone.

Yeah, I just realized that as well, I had thought that a red/purple could be a red/purple, red/red, or a purple/purple but it doesn’t look like that is the case.

What about for mythics?

Not for Mythics, but there are so few still that I don’t think it’s worth a redesign to accommodate them.

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Any way of checking on your site what colour arcanes they use? I usually look for another troop that uses that arcane type and tell from their mana colour - which is quite laborious

Mythics? Like all other troops, click the traits themselves and you should see the traitstone requirements.

Yeah by name, which doesnt mean anything to 95% of people

What would you rather see? I show also where you can farm the traitstones. The Hero menu’s UI displays the traitstone names prominently. What additional information would you get from the traitstone colors in the tooltip that would accelerate things?

I dont see the benefit in having them by name and not by colour. If I am not online playing the game I then have to check that info on a different site?

Why wouldnt you have that info available? Could be as simple as ‘Arcane Mountain (Br/Y)’

What are you doing with that info if you’re offline?

I can probably add it, but that tooltip is fairly dense already, and it’s completely redundant for all troops except Mythics.

Oohwee. I could be online reading the forums on my phone instead of online playing gow.

Are you feeling moody today?

No, I’m just trying to get a feel for the task you are trying to accomplish, to see if there might be a better way to surface the info.

I felt labelling them by name provided no benefit relative to referencing the colour(s). This only seems to be a factor for Mythic troops right now. It isn’t a major issue but I dont think it requires a complex solution. I will survive