Zhul'Kari giving wrong stone as Challenge Tier IV reward


This should be an Arcane Venom x3

Only did the challenge once, it is not repeatable.

I don’t really need the traitstones, but there are those who do the challenges who do, so please take care of this so they get what they should.

It’s a known issue. Won’t be fixed until 4.6. You supposedly get the correct rewards now, but it tells you you got something you didn’t.

Not this one. I actually got 3 major nature, not 3 arcane venom. Other kingdoms were giving out the correct rewards, but not this one.

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If you have’nt gone through too many tributes, ect, then the mail with the rewards should still be there. (Kingdom) reward for tier challenge IV is how it’s labeled. Just screenshot the mail with the incorrect stones & send it to the devs in a bug report. Mail limit is 100, I believe, so hopefully it’s not too late. Even if you’re like me, and don’t need the arcanes, they need to know how many kingdoms are screwed up and not giving out correct rewards.