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Sweet Glitch. And by sweet, I mean I didn't like it at all UPDATED: And now it makes less sense... :(


How does this happen when I log in?

@Nimhain @Sirrian @Nex

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I’ve gotten that a few times this week. You don’t get rewards and you have to fight the same person again while praying it works that time.

I love the casual voice of some of these error messages.

"Sorry, Kingdom doesn’t match 3014, 3029"

Did your battle victory get denied in the battle log screen too? You should probably add more info if you want to give the devs something to actually go on.

For what it’s worth, 3014 is Whitehelm and 3029 is Zhul’Kari. I don’t think that provides any real insight into what went wrong, though.

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I’ve seen this error with different #s, a couple of times. In both cases it was at the end of battle and I did not get credit for the victory.

I bet it’s because they went from matching Traitstones to Home Kingdoms to pure random. Occasionally the game must get confused.

Chooses a Traitstone to reward at random, checks Kingdom (the step removed), they don’t match --> Error

Considering this, I wonder if it happens when your opponent changes their home kingdom mid-battle, as that is tracked… Hell, Idk…

Wait, numbers in sequence?!

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See most recent post . -_-

I see it. It happened again

Right, but this time right when I signed on. That sort of discredits either of our theories…

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Oh I couldn’t tell lol.

tosses theory in trash

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Actually it sorta fits into my theory…

I am having a very strange mismatching of my own team’s point total. It happens right after logging in and goes back almost 200+

If my hunch is correct there is something being cached either on the server side or the client and server side are both getting out of sync so bad that it ends up reverting but for you that revert ends up making a mismatch in kingdoms.

(I used to work in Server/Client caching as a software engineer). If the Game is across multiple servers and one of them is out of date this is the symptom we had and would cause all kinds of havoc for a financial transaction.

I’ve been able to prove that logging out and then logging back in reduces it, and then playing PvP over a 10 minutes will re-sync my totals. But as soon as I log out, Pooof - back to a very old team total.

And then you get this - mismatching. I am surprised not a lot of folks have not noticed either issue.

Do you think it is affected be playing on both PC and mobile? Although, I have only played on PC today…

I heard you can do both systems with your character (not sure how because I would love to know) and I would say YES. However not knowing the back end architecture for the servers and how often the sync it could become worse before it gets better.

(why is it no matter what I do, bugs find me :slight_smile: ) I really hope a dev comes on and can poke at the servers and sync code to figure this out.

[quote=“Taisiakat, post:17, topic:11545, full:true”] I really hope a dev comes on and can poke at the servers and sync code to figure this out.

Just tag one, or sacrifice a goat and incite,

rabble rabble I summon thee rabble__rabble

This message seems to be a variation on the “Battle has already finished” error that was occurring a week ago.
A debug message was added to try and help us track down that error (it’s proved to be pretty difficult to repro here in the office).

Anyway - I’ve passed these screenshots along to the engineers who’ll take a look Monday morning!

Thanks, folks!


Cheers. 10c

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