Challenge Reward Tier IV - Traitstones

I have gotten two kingdoms to challenge tier IV so far, and both have Arcane Plains traitstone show for the reward for the tier, and brown minors as the reward for the completion of the battles.

Then, when I completed them, instead of getting Arcane Plains or the correct arcanes for the kingdom, I get Arcane Stoic in Adana (Blue, when the kingdom is Yellow/Red)??? Makes no sense.

If this is actually a bug, please move to bug reports @Saltypatra

Update, now I’m in Khaziel, and the stone that shows as the reward is Red/Yellow…bet it won’t be.

Arcane Venom from Broken Spire :confused:

Is this functioning as designed? @Saltypatra If so, how? Randomly assigned, or the same for everyone?