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(Fixed) Wrong traits delivered when purchasing Zhak Boomgrizzle

I gem purchased Zhak Boomgrizzle today including full traitstone set. I received 103 traitstones but 2 of the types were wrong (red instead of yellow) to upgrade any traits. I make real money purchases of daily gem subscriptions to be able to support my play. Please fix this and supply me with the correct traitstones so I can upgrade the traits. I really like the game and have learned of you don’t have a tower killer, invasion is no fun.

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You should probably open a support ticket (“SUPPORT” at the top of the page --> “Submit a request” --> “Purchase issue”), they’ll send you the correct traitstones.

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Thanks, I’m trying both since I figure it’s a bug too. Don’t want others to have same problem.

Further description: shop says tier III, IV, and V will provide entire traitstone set for all 3 traits. What is delivered: Tier III - x8 runic fire, x8 runic wind, x16 minor fire; Tier IV - x8 major fire, x8 arcane mountain, x22 minor fire; Tier V - x4 arcane mountain, x28 minor fire, x1 celestial (total 103). BUT what is actually needed is x66 minor wind, x8 major wind, x8 runic wind, x8 runic earth, x12 arcane mountain, x1 celestial (total 103). Paid for Tier I, II, III, IV - over 1000 gems. Please help or advise what to do. I don’t have gems to spare.

Correction: I paid for Tiers I through V (and is shown in account)