Number of Traitstones Needed for Upgrade

I did not realize this until now. Say I need 6 Runic Wind Stones for each of the 3 traits. I have been under the impression that I need a total of 18 stones, 6 for each trait. I just realized only 6 are needed to upgrade all 3 traits. Every time I get one it is added to all 3. Can someone please explain this to this dummy? It just seems weird, and I assume it is for all the stones. Thanks.

@AirForceRetiredDan Does it say it needs 6 runics only in the rightmost window? That window shows the entirety of traitstones needed to fully trait the troop. They get added up from left to right, so if you needed 6 for each trait it would show as 6->12->18 (going down if you bought any traits). If it just shows 6 total I assume it’s something like 1->3->6 (so 1 needed for first trait, 2 for second and 3 for third, adding up to six). Hope this helped and wasn’t too confusing.


I would have figured that out if it would show 1,2,3 which it does not show. It shows 6 needed for all 3 levels. I am sorry to say this, but the people who run this game do not know their butt from a whole in the ground. I have been waiting for an answer I submitted to the support team at least 3 months ago, and even have reminded them about it. I never got any reply. My question had to do with the Pet Rescue Teams. The support for this game is no better than the support I got when I played Black Desert, and it was terrible. Oh well. Thanks again.

Can you share a screenshot?

Ever since Windows 10 had the major update I have had nothing but problems doing screenshots, especially Xbox screenshots. I can never find them. They are supposed to go in my Xbox Screenshot folder, but they never do. I have already upgraded that troop which is this week’s troop. When I upgraded it showed 7/6 for all 3 traits.

Here is a screenshot of this week’s untrained troop.
First thing to keep in mind is you can only buy traits in order. So you need to buy the first to buy the second.

Bought the 1st trait and the cost of that has been removed from the cost of the 2nd&3rd trait.

Bought the 2nd trait and the cost has been removed from the 3rd trait.
Only the 2nd trait had a runic cost.
Hope this helps.


There is something very weird going on, unless the stones are different on the different systems. r my eyes are playing tricks on me. I am on Xbox X, and your traits on the first one are not what I had. Mine were all the large stones for the first one, no minor or major whatsoever. I do know when upgrading weapons and ascension the cost is deducted. Also I only get the traits from the chests or from exploring. Once in a while when I get a new troop I will purchase the first upgrade offer.

Its the same scenario with kingdom progression. If you look at the resources needed to progress kingdoms several levels (using books, deeds, gold, imp deeds), the resources are cumulative across levels. So if level x, y and z need 18 red deeds then when you spend them on x, they disappear from y and z. And if you spend the gold needed on x then the value of all subsequent levels will drop by the amount invested. I agree that its not the greatest design. Level z shouldnt show it needs 18 deeds because it doesnt. That criteria will be satisfied with x, an earler Kingdom level. It’s just one of those things that u get used to