How Do I Use Traitstones?

Sorry if this has been asked/answered, I didn’t see any threads about it on console and have only posted here once before.

I don’t think I’m quite understanding how these work. I have far more than enough to unlock the first trait for numerous troops and a few for their second, yet I see no option under crafting/trait menu that actually unlocks the trait. Am I missing something simple? The only thing I could think of is traits can’t be unlocked on a troop until you have enough stones to unlock all 3?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @Mcdoosh
I’m not familiar with the console version, but does yours look like this?

Almost, the green plus icon and upgrade button aren’t there on mine though, yet I have almost 3x what I need for the first trait unlock.

On the pc/mobile version each trait as to be unlocked individually, one at a time.

So it’s not what I thought, now I’m thoroughly confused. Maybe it’s a console bug. =/

Hey @Mcdoosh, I can help here as I’m on Console as well.

Our Upgrade button is smaller with just a prompt to press Square (PS)/X (Xbox).

You can only unlock the Traits one at a time, in order. So if the 3rd Trait is the only one you want, you need to unlock the first and second ones first.

I found the issue and it actually is what I thought but may still be a bug, there’s no option to upgrade for me unless I have enough stones to unlock all 3 traits. I just saw my Druid has the square prompt since I have enough to unlock all 3 traits for him but other troops where I only have enough for the first trait unlock, have no upgrade option.

Ok, now I actually get it and I’m a moron. I thought the 3 sets of stones on the right each corresponded to the trait they were next to. Now I see it’s what you need overall just to unlock 1. Thanks for the replies all.


Don’t feel bad, there’s a lot to learn with the new content and that’s why the Forums exist, to ask questions.


If you have questions just look for the pc equivilent cause alot of people have had these questions when 1.8 cam out for pc/mobile