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Number and type of traitstones needed to upgrade all traits

Where can I find out how many and what type of traitstones I need to fully upgrade a troop (all rarities, including the Guardians)? I’m sure someone already posted this somewhere but I didn’t keep the link. Thanks


For me, @Lyya’s database is the go-to resource for any questions like this. You can click on the trait for any troop and it will tell you how many of each traitstone you will need.

Direct link here: http://ashtender.com/gems/troops


@Lyya Liking every plug for her site…


Thanks guys


What is even happening in that image?

When you hit the mark, to the extreme! (Like your site :slight_smile: )

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Sounds like the site should be updated to include totals for the required stones and souls categorised by kingdom, troop type and overall.

I could, but the ToDo Monitor by @turintuor is a better tool for tracking how much stuff you need to level a kingdom, instead of a single troop:

Thats PC only. All the cool kids are on console or mobile

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Still, the best my site could do is show you that you need, for argument’s sake, 350 minor red traitstones to finish a kingdom from scratch, at which point the next question would logically be, "Yes, but how many from where I’m at now?" Which is the question you really want the answer to, one my stateless website can’t provide.


This is a tough problem to solve on console. I built a spreadsheet to calculate my kingdom power levels, but I have to manually update it each time I gain a troop, level up or forge a trait (at worst, it takes me 5 minutes to cycle through the kingdoms and update anything I missed). To manually do something troop by troop would be more work than it could possibly be worth.

I just realized that my spreadsheet is going to need a major overhaul as soon as we get more than 10 troops in any kingdom. I might need some new Excel kung-fu…

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Just for giggles:

Blue - 2202
Green - 2598
Red - 3402
Yellow - 2172
Purple - 2778
Brown - 2364

Blue - 674
Green - 782
Red - 842
Yellow - 614
Purple - 728
Brown - 744

Blue - 596
Green - 560
Red - 640
Yellow - 546
Purple - 592
Brown - 568

Arcanes - 2150

Celestials - 180




Whats the drop rate for minors in gold chests?

Which is why I need 62 yellows to have enough to finish all troops, but need 1449 more reds.

50% common troop
17% rare troop
19% minor stone
7% major stone
7% other

From roughly 11,000 gold chests

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30% for Traitstones in all chests I believe

EDIT: sniped by @Rasper

Weird, you need more Minor Purples than Greens yet I’m always low on Greens and full of Purples