Wraith beware - What goes around comes around (manic laughter)

So, I fired off Gorgs. There were many drop matches and explosions. When the smoke cleared…all of the enemy troops were death marked :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Wraith be all:


How did that happen? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


must be a bug :scream::laughing::laughing:

Yeah it’s a known bug. It can happen with all the status effects, I believe and you can even do it to yourself.

Would like to know how to trigger it :yum: Might make Pvp more interesting …

Lol I don’t think it can be or at least I’ve yet to read anything indicating it can be triggered on command :wink:

I found its pretty closely connected to kraken.


Wraith seems to be bugged, I’ve had it cause deathmark to itself and damage itself. any of its allies will do the same when using an explode ability for some reason.

Again, its almost 100% tied to kraken.

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Its tied to Kraken but not exclusively. Infernal King and Bone Dragon have both exhibited this before.

Ive used infernal king in my past 300~ pvp battles and havent seen such bug. So i believe it doesn’t happen anymore with him :slight_smile:
I dont know about bone dragon since im not using it, and he doesnt fire off against me (in 9 out of 10 games, so that occasional cast isnt enough to spot a bug).
Kraken however manifested this fairly a lot.

The bug is linked to the Kraken’s 3rd trait. We’re investigating how it is triggering though.


time to trait myself some kraken :imp: