Wraith traits bugged?

Wraith traits say that the wraith does death mark and freeze when doing skull damage.

But what is happening is that when my card attacks him (so I do the skull damage), my card gets the frozen and death mark on him.

Is this a bug, or is there something else going on?

I would need to see a video of this happening to get a better idea of the issue.

Wow, that’s weird. At first I thought this was a similar thing to what I experienced when I was playing around with tanking with a wraith a few weeks back. Receiving the status effects you are supposed to inflict is messed.

What troops are you using? Is there any consistent troops you face that trigger this effect? Any status inflicted on you at the time? Even if it seems unrelated it might be a trigger for the glitch.

Where you were fighting a Kraken?

There is a known issue where Kraken’s Tentacle trait is causing Troops in first position with skull dmg status effects, like Death Touch/ Chill Touch to trigger on your team next time you match skulls.

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I’ve had this happen a number of times when fighting against Wraith, but the Kraken is on my team, not the opponent’s.

I have a kraken on my team… fully traited.
You think it’s being triggered by the Kraken’s 3rd trait? I’m pretty sure I got the effect when my guy attacked his wraith (so not on a 4/5 skull match on my end).

I didn’t see it happen on iPad btw, only on PC.

And I will keep an eye out for it, next time I encounter one of those teams (I think it’s normally wraith tanking with bone dragon for skulls).

I don’t have any video recording tools, unless you want me to film my monitor with my phone :slight_smile:

Yes, and that sounds exactly like what happened…

Edit: Wait, I was fighting with a kraken, not sure if it was against one.
I will keep my eyes peeled :slight_smile:

here you have some examples of the kraken related bugs:


i was so sure i saw awesome post somewhere in this forum showing kraken on player side getting his whole team debuffed but i spent a hour looking for it now and no luck :frowning:

I’ve just had something similar. Running Green Seer/Giant Spider/Kraken x2, into a team with Wraith in 1st slot.

Green Seer died, used Giant Spider and spawned a Spider Swarm. Created a 4/5 link which obviously proc’d the Kraken trait, but at the same time, the Wraith deathmarked and froze itself. Additionally, on the next turn I used Spider Bite, and the Wraith showed an attack animation on itself, and the deathmark and chill touch animations went off on the Wraith again.

Unfortunately I don’t have any video, but the attached picture shows the frozen & deathmarked Wraith.