In pvp and had something weird happen

I had lost Green Seer to an immediate Death Touch by Wraith. I was building up my mana to fire Giant Spider when I had a match 4, Kraken applied his damage from Tentacles and . . . . .

It did that animation where a troop (not sure which one) jumped from enemy troop to enemy troop freezing them and applying Deathmark to each of them.

I didn’t put this in support (maybe I should have) because I ended up winning the match but none of my team apply Deathmark or have Frozen. Definately a quirk.

Just thought I would let @Sirrian and @Nimhain and the rest of the team know what happened. None of the Deathmark’s killed anyone and they didn’t get any match 4/5’s for me to see if the Freeze was triggered.


Hi Collector,

Yeah, this is a known issue. We’re investigating it, but I don’t have an ETA for a fix at the moment.


Also just fyi, it hasn’t done it again. Only the one time.

Thanks for the reply but like I said in the op it was just a heads up. You bunch are awesome! :thumbsup:

I had this happen just the other day. My IK went bananas and the animation showed him to hit every one of my own team (no DM).

Wow @KrudlerTheHorse. That would be nasty. At least my glitch left me alone. :wink:

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On the plus side, it didn’t do any damage!

He just bounced around like a deranged pinball for a second lol