Rogue Wraith - Kraken shenanigans

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

When Kraken’s legendary trait goes off, it will deal 3 damage to each opponent. What actually happens sometimes is that the game has the first troop on the opposing team hit each of the opposing team members (including itself), and apply on-hit status ailments like Frozen and Death Mark. Specifially, I was facing a PvP defense team made up of a Wraith, Courage, Bone Dragon and Famine. The Bone Dragon used its spell, took out my first troop (a Kraken). Then I was able to use my second troop, Giant Spider, to turn gems purple, and make a set of 4. Troops 3 and 4 on the team (2 more Krakens) had their traits go off. But the Wraith was the one to smack every opponent.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

It’s happened to me two or three times now, so I assume it requires a Kraken and a Wraith + Bone Dragon on the opposing team. The first time it happened, I was using a Hellcat, Alchemist, Gard’s Avatar, Kraken.

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This glitch also works from an Infernal King cast and a few other isolated incidents. I believe it occurs when split and skull damage happen simultaneously, it has a chance to make the following skull taken to cause that glitch.

It has happened to me several times on Queen Mab’s spell. No skulls involved in that, so I’m not sure that’s the right cause.

Had this happen once a couple weeks ago. Loads more with IK though.

I’ve also seen a weird glitch when I hit an opponent’s Wraith with a bunch of skulls off of my own Bone Dragon (lol) cast, and I wind up getting frozen?

I believe it happens when you cast a spell immediately after there’s been a match of multiple sets of skulls at once.

Used to be able to trigger it almost every battle with a Sheggra / IK team… back when a Sheggra / IK team was worth using…