Would you add the Mongo troop to the forge?


It would be nice havinng the option to forge Mongo for those who missed the chance to unlock it by opening the mail gift back in the days. Even more having an achievement linked to it. I’m spending keys for months with no luck. When forging troops became available i thought Mongo would be there from the start. Please make it possible. Thanks.


Mongo is an Epic, so it’s not going to be in the Soulforge.

I can confirm that Mongo is in chests - I have 8 of them.

There should be a Wild Plains event in the next few months, so if you’re still missing one by then, Mongo should be easy enough to get in Event Chests during that week.


Yeah please make it to get because everyone got it for free and new players don’t get it or they need spend lots and lots of keys. In my opinion its eaquel for getting a mongo and mythic. I get legendary now and than but no mongo of mythic.


Yeah, Mongo is in the chests, as mentioned above event chests will be your best bet when Wild Plains come around.

Anyone got any Mongo teams they wish to share? :grin:


Kraken banner

May luck shine upon you brudda! :+1:


Doubling down on the Mongo! Got to try that one. :upside_down_face:


I dont understand why an epic troop cant be in the soulforge, when there are legendary and mythic troops available to forge. Besides i havent seen a wild plains event on xbox yet, maybe i have missed it, but a bunch of realms have appeared more than once and no sign of wild plains. I will keep opening chests of course, just saying it would be nice to have the option and not punishing new players or old ones who missed the mail gift. Thanks for your previous answers.


The Soulforge was specifically designed for legendaries and mythics because they are much harder to get than epics. Keep opening chests; Mongo will show up eventually.