Is Mongo still available in chests? (Console)

I must have opened at least 2k glory chests and 100+ gem chests, but still have not gotten Mongo.

I am only missing the achievement that requires unlocking him as a troop. Is he currently still available in-game to be pulled from chests?

As far as I am aware he is. I need a couple more to make him a mythic.

He definitely is, I got another one last week :+1:


My impression is that Mongo is one of the slightly harder Epic troops to get. After the Devs gifted all of us with one copy, it took a while before I obtained another from glory chests.

Then again, it also took a long time for me to get an initial copy of Green Seer. So some Epics may indeed be slightly rarer in the pool. But yes, they are available to obtain. :slight_smile:

Now if only I could get my first Summer Imp for my console account… without waiting another entire year…! :confounded: :scream_cat::thinking:

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