How I can get the Mongo Troop now?

Hi, I just missed the Mongo troop from getting it from the mail, any idea how I can get it now? :frowning:

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He’s available in chest now. :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,

Are you playing on PC/Mobile or console? If on PC/Mobile, he should be available now (sniped by @ZooKeeper) . If you’re on console, he should be in chests (glory keys or gem keys) starting March 28 if he isn’t already (‘gift’ troops sometimes follow a different release schedule, but 4 weeks should be the maximum time between release and general availability).


He is in guild chests as well I just got one.

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I’m playing on ps4, anyone know if mongo is in chests already?

Yes, Mongo should be in Glory, Gem, Guild, VIP chests on consoles at the moment.