Enjoy a Mongo on us!

Hey everyone,

PC/Mobile players will shortly receive a Mongo in theit in-game mail, along with a few other goodies, to say thanks for being so patient during our server upgrade.

Console folks… YOU will be getting some freebies in the mail on Monday next week, and Mongo will be making his way out to you after the next update (probably late this month)


Awesome thanks @Sirrian :smiley:

Are console players going to get a different troop for free, or is mongo also going to be free for console when that troop is released on console?

Wohoo! :slight_smile: :sunny:

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Console players will get a Mondo as soon as he’s available… no other free troop, sorry.


Much obliged.

But how do we know when we get him that he will be available?

Will he also be available in chests? I mean, come on, 4x Mongo deck…

He’ll be in chests in a couple of weeks


Woot! But what does he do?

cant wait to get my Mongo Database access :grin:
how can one study mongo properly with its database unavailable!

I can’t access the game. Maybe my crap net connection ATM

As far as I can tell:

Increase random stat of himself by [magic+2]
Deal [magic+2] damage to all enemies
Increase a random stat on all allies by [magic+2]
Decrease a random stat on all enemies by [magic+2]
Deal [magic+2] damage to a random enemy
Destroy [magic+2] gems


The Mimic is now jealous.


thats why it will not rest until it devours mongo or dies

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Mongo cant be devoured tho.

Thank you Devs :slight_smile: Mongo is pretty good! as I was only testing him so he was only level 3, at the end of the battle his health and attack was 108. I’m going to invest souls to level him and use him. I like his something random.

then the battle result is clear :sweat_smile:

Man I feel like Debbie Downer but to me, his spell is TOO random. He’s a novelty troop, a pink ribbon to say “I made it through the great server migration of 2017”.

That being said, he’s moderately fun with Minogor, Sunweaver, and Soothsayer. :wink:


Pick a team of the most random troops in the game that have little colour overlap, and see what happens.

Brian The Lucky, you should be JEALOUS of your competition!

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