Can Mongo be pulled from Event keys this week?

He’s listed in Game as a Troop but there is no News Event. He’s from Wild Plains…


He’s not available yet.

I suspect he will always be unavailable.

I do love how @lyya’s recent troops script displays him as a release though :slight_smile:

Nim said he will be released, just not right now
Don’t know if she was joking though but she sounded serious.

I use the same criteria the game uses to determine whether a troop should be visible in the “All Troops” list.


I assume he is a legit troop that doesn’t yet have a name and design, but they put the art into the game files as a placeholder… then had some fun with the Mongo text for some light relief from server migration and meditating on how to correct the Bone Dragon…

In all languages except English, his spell is called “Break Wall.” That also fits the spell art better than “Random Crash,” which lends some credence to the idea that he’s a repurposed troop.

I don’t want them to ever change him back, though. I love the fourth-wall-break…(no pun intended)


They should just rename it to “Break Fourth Wall”, and all is well.

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Currently Mongo is unavailable. He will be coming out shortly.

Random Crash is his offical spell name though.


I can imagine how much you enjoy it every time you have to say these words.

You’d have to be careful not to fix the servers too much though. It will be bad if future new players will not get the reference because they never got that error…


Would be helpful if Mongo was not in the Game Troop list and visible under Wild Plains kingdom Troop list given that Wild Plains is the current weekly Event kingdom. Especially since there was no News Announcement about the kingdom in the first place in Game. Several in my guild dropped 30-100 event keys for Mongo… poor communication by Devs, imo. Not very funny either.

RIP subtlety ?