Would be nice to have a quit or restart button

When an error come up sometimes and you have option to continue or quit and choosing quit takes you back to the startup screen.
We need that option to get in and out of the game anytime we need, not when an error comes up.
Would be easier to check the game when it stuffing up like yesterday and to reset the game after the weekly reset.

Just like any other xbox game, press Home button, and choose Quit on the popup menu.

I know that but a quit button would be quicker.
Also, that can be said for any other game but most other games have a quit button that can go back to the menu screen.

Hey @Xbox_guy,

We do have a way to “Quit” out of the game from the settings menu.

If you notice in the picture below, we have a “Switch Profile” button in the settings menu. This will return you back to the startup screen, similar to the quit button when an error comes up.

Hopefully this will help speed up resetting the game after the weekly reset!


Thanks, did not even think of that.